Classless liberals compare Melania to a fictional Nazi

Some people have serious problems with Melania Trump, and that’s putting it politely.

I understand that in today’s hyper-politically correct culture (especially among Lefties), there isn’t suppose to be any differences between men and women.

But to the classless pigs who’ve taken to the internet to insinuate that our FLOTUS can be confused for a fiction movie character… a dude, by the way… well, anyone who could confuse Melania Trump (née Melanija Knavs) with a guy is taking Trump Hate to a whole new level.

Does she look ANYTHING like a guy?

As reported by London’s daily paper the Mirror;

Melania Trump is being roasted online during her solo trip to Africa – for her choice of hats.

The former model was unfavourably compared to Nazi villain Rene Belloq from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of The Lost Ark for sporting a very similar outfit upon her arrival in Egypt.

Not alone, actor and supposed comedian Rob Delaney got in his cheap shots.

Delaney’s claim to fame is that he’s suppose to be a big deal on Twitter.

Apparently, Paste magazine named him one of “The 10 Best Comedians of 2010”. Failing to even make the top five, he placed number seven.

And no… I’ve never heard of Paste before, either.

Is it just me, or does this yutz realize that the “G” in God is always capitalized?

Well, at least he had the good manners to leave the United States. He’s Britain’s problem now.

FLOTUS meets Egyptian President al-Sisi and Egyptian First Lady.