CNN Analyst Knowingly Tweets Out Fake News, WaPo Writer Runs with It; Both End Up Looking Very Stupid

Liar, liar, 4XL pants on fire.

Bill Clinton’s ex-press secretary and current CNN analyst Joe Lockhart must be quite the fan of Rep. Adam Schiff’s rather fertile imagination. I’m sure everyone remembers Schiff’s laughable embellishments of President Trump’s rather innocuous telephone conversation with Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

But with all that aside, on with the show. At precisely 2:13PM on Jan. 23, 2020, Lockhart tweeted the following;

Wow. That sounds fairly explosive, huh? Especially in light that the author is touting himself as a “CNN Political Analyst” as well as one of the very few in Bubba Clinton’s inner circle.

Yet alas, exactly nine minutes later, Lockhart tweeted his post script/faux-apology;

Ahh, but within the span of those nine minutes, the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin took the bait… and brother, did she run with it as noted by the GOP’s Rapid Response Director Steve Guest;

As of yet, CNN hasn’t made a single peep in regards to their alleged expert analyst’s rather loose interpretation of reality.

Of course they haven’t (sarcasm, off).