CNN’s Chris Cuomo Deems it Necessary to Break it Down to His Viewers Big Bird-Style

By now, the entire Western World has seen the Twitter video posted by the POTUS in which Joe Biden was hoisted on the very same petard that Biden himself helped create.

With all that said, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, for whatever bizarre reason, decided to inform his viewers that the faux-predator Biden in the Twitter video really isn’t Joe Biden.

CUOMO: The high road! But as we know, this President is always looking for a detour down into the dirt.

And today, he was taunting the Vice President on Twitter with a message, “Welcome Back Joe,” and a doctored video pinned to his feed that has special effects to make the former VP look like a predator.

Where would we all be if we didn’t have Cuomo informing the audience that the video was “doctored” and that via the magic of “special effects”, Biden really isn’t some sort of sexual predator preying on himself.

Hey Chris, are CNN viewers really that stupid that you have to explain the joke?

Gullible? Absolutely. Especially with the drivel you dish out that supposedly passes for journalism over at Chicken Noodle News, but stupid?

No, not in the least.

It must be pretty bad over at CNN when a self-described conservatarian has more respect for Cuomo’s audience than he does himself.