Comrade Bernie Promises to Raise Taxes on Those Earning at least $29,000 a Year

Maybe because he calls himself a Democratic Socialist, maybe it’s because he was once kicked-out of a hippie commune for not doing any actual work, maybe it’s because he actually honeymooned in that lovers’ paradise formerly known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

However you want to slice it, I honestly believe that at his core, Bernie Sanders nothing more than a two-bit totalitarian Communist.

Case in point: As reported by Beth Baumann of the everything conservative, “During a town hall meeting in Salem, New Hampshire, Sanders laid out the tax proposal associated with his plan.”

Well, kinda… sorta.

While explaining how he would pay for his Big Brother-ish Medicare for All scheme, the tax-and-spend liberal announced that he would start by kicking-in a new tax aimed directly at low and middle income workers;

“What we will do — what we will do is have a four percent tax on income exempting the first $29,000,” he told a cheering crowd. “All right, good. You — you’re better at arithmetic than I am. Because what that means is if you are that average family in the middle who makes $60,000 a year, that means we’re going to tax you on $31,000 at four percent.”

As reporter Baumann correctly pointed out, Comrade Bernie left out a few specifics;

  • Is the $29,000 exemption for couples then?
  • What is the exemption, if any, for singles?
  • Is it safe to assume that exemption would be $14,500 (half of what he proposed for families)?

Pretty much nailing the coffin shut on Sanders’ not exactly well thought through plan, Baumann also pointed out the following (obvious) hypocrisy;

Bernie has said this would be a tax increase, so everyone would pay four percent on everything they make over the threshold he established, although that isn’t even very clear. Even with that exemption, that raises taxes on the poor and middle class, the very people Sanders has said he aims to protect.

Not only that but this proposal runs counter intuitive to his $15/hour minimum wage proposal. If he wanted everyone to make, at a minimum, $15/hour or $31,200 a year, even the so-called “working poor” would have their taxes increased.

A single person making $31,200 with an exemption of $14,500 would still have to pay four percent more on $16,700, which is almost $700 a year. That’s a lot of money, especially for someone making minimum wage.

While Sanders makes a lot of noise about the rich “paying their fair share”, the National Taxpayers Union has some rather interesting information that Sanders seems to have (purposefully?) overlooked;

Each fall the IRS’s Statistics of Income division publishes an Individual Income Tax Returns Complete Report. The most recent report covers Tax Year 2017 (filed in 2018).

The new data shows that the top 1 percent of earners (with incomes over $515,371) paid nearly 39 percent of all income taxes, up slightly from the previous tax year’s 37 percent share. The amount of taxes paid in this percentile is nearly twice as much their adjusted gross income (AGI) load.

The top 10 percent of earners bore responsibility for 70 percent of all income taxes paid – up slightly from 2016 – while half of all tax filers paid 97 percent of all income tax revenue. Indicating the degree of progressivity in the code, the bottom 50 percent of earners took home 11 percent of total nationwide income while owing 3 percent of all income taxes.