Conservative Catholic Leaders Converge on Rome: Battle ‘One World Order’, ‘Gender Theory’, Francis’ Mushy Theology

H.E. Raymond Cardinal Burke and Knights of the Order of Malta.

There was a time, actually not all that long ago, where the words “liberal Catholics“, “socialist Catholics“, and “pro-abortion Catholics” were considered anathema. 

Sadly, along came the Second Vatican Council of the 1960s which sought to “modernize” the Church by way of embracing the secular, decidedly anti-Christian and amoral mindset that had immersed itself into popular culture.

How unfortunate that both Popes John XXIII and Paul VI ignored one of the most echoed a particular Biblical passage oft quoted since Christ and His Apostles physically walked the Earth, Evangelium Secundum Ioannem – Chapter 12:31;

nunc iudicium est mundi nunc princeps huius mundi eicietur foras

Now is the judgment of the world: now shall the prince of this world be cast out.

For those lacking in their theological teachings, what Christ was referencing is that Satan is the “prince of this world”.

Yet again, not all that long ago one would be hard pressed to find a so-called “pro-choice” Catholic politician. Nonetheless, the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, Julian Castro, Kirsten Gillibrand, Robert O’Rourke, etc., are hard-core proponents of abortion with few, of any, restrictions. Pre-Vatican II, alleged “Catholics” such as Pelosi, Biden, et al, would find themselves excommunicated posthaste.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Catholic priests, bishops, archbishops, and some say the current pontiff, are moral cowards who would rather throw the lambs (unborn children) to the wolves to be ripped to shreds and devoured.

In regards to totalitarian governments and an eventual One World super-state, TFP Student Action cites every pope from 1878 until present day (except John Paul I for obvious reasons, and Francis for differing but equally obvious reasons).

Just a few examples of the many papal predictions of socialism/One World state include;

  • “The Harvest of Misery”
  • “Socialism Cannot Be Reconciled with Catholic Doctrine”
  • “Catholic Socialism is a Contradiction”
  • “The All-Powerful State Harms True Prosperity”
  • “No Catholic could subscribe even to moderate socialism”
  • “We do not Need a State which Controls Everything”
A book that literally changed my life.

But for those Catholics loyal to Holy Mother Church instead of the non-binding under pain of sin Cult of Vatican II, take heart.

As reported in two separate articles from the Breitbart news portal, this weekend will see a convergence of orthodox Catholic clerics and laity to the Eternal City to teach and preach on the very same errors/sins that are attempting to destroy the Church from within:

A significant number of conservative Catholics from around the world have traveled to Rome this week for a two-day meeting in opposition to a “global, one-world order.”

Meeting at the prestigious Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas, a group of prominent prelates and lay leaders got together on Thursday for the annual Rome Life Forum, which takes place just prior to Italy’s yearly March for Life through the streets of the Eternal City.

Burke and Brandmüller are the last two surviving “dubia” cardinals of an original four, who formally presented Pope Francis with five questions regarding Catholic teaching following the publication of his 2016 apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia (“The Joy of Love”).

The text of the pope’s letter contained perceived ambiguities regarding the reception of Holy Communion by divorced Catholics who had remarried civilly. Francis elected not to respond to the cardinals, leading his critics to propose that the pope prefers ambiguity to clear teaching.

On Thursday, Burke will address the assembly on the topic of “filial piety and national patriotism as essential virtues of citizens of heaven at work on earth.”

Pope Francis has been a sharp critic of rising nationalist and populist movements, denouncing earlier this month a trend toward nationalism that entails “excessive demands for sovereignty.”

This year’s Rome Life Forum theme will be CITY of GOD vs CITY of MAN – GLOBAL ONE WORLD ORDER vs CHRISTENDOM.

Of the many topics discussed, a handful from the itinerary;

  • PROF. ROBERTO DE MATTEI (Lepanto Foundation, Italy) – Mysterium iniquitatis: from one world order to global chaos (in Italian)
  • H.E. BISHOP ATHANASIUS SCHNEIDER – The hopelessness of the city of man without God (video address / in English)
  • H.E. RAYMOND LEO CARDINAL BURKE – Filial piety and national patriotism as essential virtues of citizens of heaven at work on earth (in English)

One presentation will surely ruffle more than a few feathers, if not warrants for arrest, will be a talk scheduled by H.E. Cardinal Willem Jacobus Eijk, the archbishop of Utrecht, Holland, entitled Gender theory: a threat to the family and the proclamation of the Christian faith (in Italian).

As noted by Breitbart;

Exposing the errors of gender theory is of the “utmost urgency” for the future of humanity and of Christianity, a Dutch cardinal told an assembly of Catholics in Rome Thursday.

Cardinal Willem Jacobus Eijk, the archbishop of Utrecht, said that gender theory is a modern development “which sets the city of the human race against the City of God, and the world order against the Christian faith,” in an address to the Rome Life Forum on the theme “City of man vs City of God – Global One World Order vs Christendom,” organized by Voice of the Family.

“The fact that public opinion today readily accepts the total detachment of gender from biological sex is the result of a ‘cocktail’ of hyper-individualism and its autonomous ethic,” the cardinal said, along with “a particular vision of man, today particularly dominant in the English-speaking world.”