Cop-haters now hate JetBlue for flying cops to funerals of two executed officers


Despite the mayor of the Big Apple asking those who tag police forces across the nation as racist or in a de facto state of war with black and brown people, more than a few took to both the streets and as well to social media to spread their hatred of the proverbial Boys in Blue. As reported by the right-of-center The Daily Caller news portal on Dec. 26, 2014, and also by CNN Money via Fox6 (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) on Dec. 25, 2014, much to the chagrin of many of the anti-police activists, JetBlue airline is offering to fly two police officers from each law enforcement agency on its various routes across the nation to New York City for thefunerals of NYPD Officers Liu and Ramos, who were assassinated last weekend.

JetBlue released a written statement that its flights are available “to law enforcement agencies across our route network who wish to send representatives to New York to support their brethren …” The terse statement also stated, “We are accepting up to two officers from each department (space permitting).”

With the New York City-based JetBlue having routes from Anchorage to San Diego, Miami to Maine, the airline is waiving any charges for law enforcement personnel to attend Saturday’s funeral for Officer Rafael Ramos as well as the still yet to be determined funeral date for Officer Wenjian Liu. With Officer Liu’s widow holding off on burying her husband due to many relatives still living in China, JetBlue is working with its international partners with many intercontinental connecting routes, such as Aer Lingus (Ireland), Emirates Airlines, Lufthansa (Germany), and South African Airways to ensure the slain officer’s family flies free of charge.

Nevertheless, with agitators whipping up anti-police hatred across the nation, many of the same took to social media to attack and demean JetBlue for their act of kindness and solidarity with New York’s Finest. Examples include (see slideshow) one individual with the moniker of @alluneediz1mik3 opined, “@JetBlue is perfect example of white corporate America perpetuating white supremacy n police brutality” while @Slackular accused “@JetBlue yes, they are a shitty company, would not be surprised if they are racists.”

Nonetheless, JetBlue has quite a history of reaching out to “underserved neighborhoods” as well as fostering “diversity.” JetBlue has been instrumental in bringing together “more than 3,600 volunteers to move 15 tractor trailers full of mulch and build 17 playgrounds, which now serve more than 10,128 children” in what were termed as “underserved neighborhoods.” Noting that in “middle-income neighborhoods the ratio of books per child is 13 to 1, in low-income neighborhoods the ratio is 1 age-appropriate book for every 300 children.” Corporate headquarters has contributed $500,000 to purchase books specifically for children of low-income families. The airline also “launched a partnership with First Book, a nonprofit organization that provides access to new books for children in need. First Book and JetBlue partnered with schools and local communities to engage literacy appreciation during diversity awareness months.”