Coptic bishop found dead; head hacked open ‘with a sharp, heavy object’

ISIS terrorists in Egypt.

It’s simply a matter of historical fact that Christianity predates Islam in Egypt by at least 600 years.

Nonetheless, the Coptic Christians of Egypt find themselves distictly in the minority in an overwhelmingly Moslem country.

In spite of there actually being two different Coptic Churches in Egypt; the Orthodox Copts (nearly 9 million strong) and the much smaller Coptic Catholics of the Alexandrian rite (almost 200,000), the two Churches are surprisingly close in both teachings and liturgy.

Undoubtedly, the Orthodox as well as their Catholic brethren are mourning the news of the murder of Bishop Anba Epiphanius, abbot of the St. Markarious Monastery in Wadi al-Natrun, a village in Egypt’s Great Western Desert.

Bishop Anba Epiphanius, Abbot of St Macarius’s, found violently murdered.

As reported in the everything Coptic newspaper, Watani (Coptic language for “My Homeland”);

Monks of St Macarius’s say he had left his cell at dawn to attend Matins Praise that precedes Sunday Mass, but was obviously intercepted by someone who came from behind him and hit him on the head with a sharp, heavy object.

The Abbot was later found by the monks lying in a pool of blood, dead. They directly called Pope Tawadros who hastened to delegate a number of bishops to check on the matter, as well as on the monks and monastery. The homeland security authorities and the prosecution were directly notified; they headed to the monastery, together with a criminal investigation team and forensic medicine investigators. The monastery is now closed until investigations are completed.

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