Covid-19: So It Begins, New York’s Prisoner Release Results in Assault and Robbery Arrest

To listen to the Establishment Media and New York Democrats, the emptying of prisons and jails in the Empire State has everything to do with ensuring those poor, misunderstood inmates are free from catching that mean ol’ coronavirus.

Now those same criminals are simply free to roam the streets of New York. Golly gee, what could possibly go wrong? **Sarcasm, off**

Keep in mind, these convicts aren’t locked-up for missing choir practice. These violent thugs would just as soon break your arm over a handful of petty cash than to give you the time of day.

Oops… too late. That’s already happened. As reported by the New York Post;

A Bronx man released from prison by Gov. Andrew Cuomo last month amid the spread of the coronavirus has been charged with beating and robbing a 62-year-old man — who was so scared of getting the ailment he refused to take the money back when cops made an arrest.

Daniel Vargas, 29, was being held on $50,000 bail on robbery, grand larceny and assault charges after allegedly approaching the elderly victim on Valentine Avenue in the Bronx shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday, according to a criminal complaint.

Vargas allegedly demanded $80 that the man, who was leaving a local bodega with a cane and began punching and kicking him when he refused.

“Give me your money,” he allegedly told the man.

Vargas allegedly then slugged the victim in his body, pushed him against a wall and shoved him to the ground, the complaint said.

In a separate article from the New York Daily News;

An ex-con who broke a disabled man’s arm outside a Bronx bodega held the door open for the victim before he robbed him…

Vargas was already being held on Rikers Island for violating his parole in a 2019 felony drug possession case, but was released on Mar. 28 after his lawyers raised concerns about coronavirus spreading at the jail facility.

He was previously released on parole in 2017 for a burglary case, in which he also stabbed a female friend after breaking into her home.

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  1. When they are released there should be someone outside the jail to give them the address of all the politicians and their family members incase they need help they can go to them. Then the politicians would grasp the situation they caused for the rest of us.

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