Crazy Bernie’s Nutty Plan to Federalize ALL State, Local Cops

I don’t always use a comb, but when I do, it’s usually a balloon.

The guy who was once politely kicked-out of some dirty hippie commune back in the early 70s for failing to do any actual work has decided that Washington, DC has the cure for all that ails the Ketchikan Police Department (Alaska), the Califirnia Highway Patrol, the Miccosukee Tribal Police of southern Florida, the CNMI (Commonweqalth of the Northern Mariana Islands) Department of Public Safety, and all points inbetween.

Possibly after seeing his poll numbers sink yet again, the self-avowed Socialist is floating a truly goofy idea that will essentially federalize all law enforcement agencies on all state, commonwealth, territorial, county, city, town, and village levels.

But before I unveil what Dear Leader Gutman’s brain fart of an excuse of comprehensive law enforcement is, allow me to remind the world of what Sanders was quoted as saying how he could better explain what “Democratic Socialism” is;

“I think what we have to do, and I will be doing it, is to do a better job of maybe in explaining what we mean by Socialism – Democratic Socialism!”

Well, that was the textbook definition of generic and saying a whole lot of nothing.

So with that aside, here is directly from the official Sanders 2020 website: (Emphasis mine) [retorts mine]

  • Establish national standards for use of force by police that emphasize de-escalation. [Well, that was a huge dump taken on any semblance of not only States Rights, but also on the sovereignty of every single territorial, county, city, town, and village notion of self-determination.]
  • Require and fund [who’s going to pay for it?] police officer training on implicit bias (to include biases based on race, gender, sexual orientation and identity, religion, ethnicity and class), cultural competency, de-escalation, crisis intervention, adolescent development, and how to interact with people with mental and physical disabilities [again, a lot was said in saying nothing]. We will ensure that training is conducted in a meaningful way [according to who?] with strict independent oversight [who appoints these folks?] and enforceable guidelines [who determines this?].
  • Ban the practice of any law enforcement agency benefiting from civil asset forfeiture [Why the hell not? I guess the feds will get all the money from seizing the assets from modern-day slave-traders. After all, those millions of illegal aliens need someone to fund all that free healthcare]. Limit or eliminate federal criminal justice funding for any state or locality that does not comply [Reichsführer Himmler couldn’t have said it any better].
  • Provide funding [yet again, who pays for this?] to states and municipalities to create civilian corps of unarmed first responders [yet again, who do they answer to? The feds, the state of the municipalities?], such as social workers, EMTs, and trained mental health professionals, who can handle order maintenance violations, mental health emergencies, and low-level conflicts outside the criminal justice system, freeing police officers to concentrate on the most serious crimes. [I can hear it now… “Unleash the 721st Social Worker Battalion to battle all those junkies shitting everywhere in San Francisco.”]
  • Incentivize access to counseling and mental health services for officers. [“Incentivize” how? By threatening officers and deputies with firing if they refuse “counseling” or “assistance” if they find the Sanders mandates to be at least somewhat absurd, if not downright dangerous?]
  • Diversify police forces and academies [“Diversify” how? That could literally mean anything] and incentivize officers to live and work in the communities they serve. [So if a Chicago cop lives in Mount Prospect, will the feds fire him if he fails to relocate his family within the Chicago city limits?]

One thought on “Crazy Bernie’s Nutty Plan to Federalize ALL State, Local Cops

  1. This is not a “goofy idea” — it is a threat to the Federal Republic. It is a dangerous step toward a centralized police state by a socialist who understands how important such a step would be toward imposing further tyranny.

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