Cruz’s daughter openly shows her disdain for her own father

cruzWho’s in charge around here?

It’s been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If true, the 12 seconds worth of video recently showing the interactions between Ted Cruz and his eldest daughter could equal a number that might be mistaken for the national debt.

In the late afternoon hours right before the caucusing in Iowa began, Cruz’s attempt for an Aww… isn’t that cute? moment for the cameras went horribly wrong. As Cruz was asking a presumed campaign worker, who was carrying the perfectly healthy 7-year-old Caroline Cruz in his arms, if they were leaving, the GOP presidential contender leaned in to give his child a buss on the cheek.

However, lil’ Caroline instead repeatedly attempted to flick her father in the face with her index finger. After a quick attempt by Cruz to have his daughter cease and desist her attempt to poke her pop in the puss, it was a quick flurry of slaps she threw at her parental.

Nonetheless, the pride of Alberta was dead set on that kiss. As he leaned in, somehow his daughter was brought to physical pain. Evidenced by her staccato cries of “Oww, oww, oww, oww!” Cruz’s daughter wanted none of it.

After planting one squarely on her cheek, Papa Cruz came in for yet another peck on the cheek, ostensibly in case the cameras missed the first one. Ted almost missed the target on his second pass due to her deftly ducking, dodging and dipping away from the pursed lips of her pops.

But before being trundled off by her minder, Cruz was caught eyeballing to see just how many people witnessed his child’s behavior.

4 thoughts on “Cruz’s daughter openly shows her disdain for her own father

    1. Cruz is the one who inserted her into the political spotlight, not me. Maybe he should have thought twice before using her as a prop for his commercials.

  1. Idiot character assassination on Cruz. You implicate the petulant immaturity of a 7 year old child – without sufficient context for her mood, or circumstance – and turn that into a claim that she hates her father?

    You’re a POS.

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