Cuban, African migrants riot in Mexico, demand access to the United States

Cubans and Africans riot in Mexico, attack Mexican police.

Wait a second… when did Cubans and Africans saddle-up with the “Northern Triangle” nations (Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador) in sending an estimated one million illegal aliens invading the United States just in calender year 2019.

Amazingly enough, American media apparently has no clue of Cubans and Africans jumping on the US taxpayer gravy train. However, Mexican media certainly seems on top of the situation.

Citing multiple Mexican news outlets, The Daily Caller is reporting;

Migrants staged a riot at an immigration station in Tapachula, Mexico early Wednesday morning, multiple Mexican media outlets reported.

The group of migrants, mostly from Cuba and Africa, staged the riot to prevent authorities from carrying out deportations, Mexican media outlets Noticias MVS, Milenio and Reforma reported.

The migrants reportedly ransacked the building and set some documents on fire before authorities were able to regain control.