De Blasio defends protesters, blames media for mentioning violent protesters

taunt1Both social and national media has been alight regarding the tense relations between New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and the rank and file of the New York Police Department, especially in the wake of the execution-style murders of Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos while on duty in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvedstant. As reported by the National Monitor news portal on Dec. 22, 2014, tension between the mayor’s office and the proverbial boys in blue are at the breaking point.

Perhaps in a move to spread the wealth of blame as to why protesters have been emboldened to openly call for the murder of police officers, the Jewish Political News site noted that at today’s press conference at 1 Police Plaza, de Blasio bristled with anger when asked of anti-police rhetoric as well as calls to murder police officers at recent protests on the streets of the Big Apple. Defending the protesters, de Blasio verbally opened fire on the members of the Fourth Estate at the presser for, as apparently believed by de Blasio, that the media was focusing in on “some bad people who say inappropriate things; there are some people who say hateful things.”

Relations between the recently elected mayor and police officers were made very public when de Blasio and police commissioner Bill Bratton faithfully at his side, both had a room full of officers turn their backs to them as they entered police headquarters Saturday for their first public comments on the killings.

When the mayor was queried at today’s presser if he would allow his own children to participate in the protests, the mayor angrily attempted to shift the blame on the media, “What are you guys going to do? are you going to keep dividing us? Let’s get real; 25,000 people marched down one of our streets a few days back, absolutly peaceful; no chants like that … What you managed to do is pull up the few who do not represent the majority, who are saying unacceptable things, who shouldn’t be saying those things, and some actually psychically attacked police officers, which i have said is absolutely unacceptable; we will prosecute them to the fullness; everybody must participate in finding those individuals, providing information to the police, intervening to stop them and alerting the police. I will keep saying this over and over. .. and I have said .. The question is: will you tell the world about it? Because you are all part of this too.”

“So yes, there are some bad people who say inappropriate things; there are some people who say hateful things; they have no place in these protests. They are not what I am talking about. I am talking about the vast majority of New Yorkers and the vast majority of Americans who believe in a peace and democratic process,” he added.