Deck Stacked Against POTUS: MSM Attacks Trump’s Lawyers Over SCOTUS Ties

Imagine that, some DC lawyers know other DC lawyers…

In light of the total fraud that the Democrats have attempted to legitimize unsolicited “government approved” mail-in ballots that are still being counted way past election day, President Trump is still fighting back.

While the Left may still want dead people and pets to cast their ballots for Biden, the only hope of any truthful and legitimate election just may lie at the feet of the Supreme Court.

Allow me to get a bit deeper into the weeds… all of those government generated mail-in ballots (that people didn’t even sign-up for) as well as Election Day has now become Election Week (or longer), it’s painfully obvious that every single one of the Banana Republic ballots need to be declared null and void by the SCOTUS.

Nonetheless, liberal rags are attacking President Trump’s lawyers on the grounds of **GASP!** some of them know Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

As noted by Britain’s screamingly liberal The Guardian (emphasis mine;

Trump campaign lawyers who have asked the supreme court to intervene in Pennsylvania’s vote count have close ties to Brett Kavanaugh, the justice who is expected to have a decisive vote in any upcoming election-related rulings.

Justin Clark, a senior lawyer for Donald Trump’s campaign, helped shepherd Kavanaugh’s controversial 2018 confirmation through the Senate in his previous role as White House congressional liaison.

Another lawyer, William Consovoy, the litigator who filed the supreme court challenge on behalf of the Trump campaign, helped to bankroll a high-profile Federalist Society dinner in Kavanaugh’s honour in 2019.

It is far from clear whether the Trump campaign’s bid before the US supreme court – which is challenging Pennsylvania’s inclusion of mail-in ballots received after 3 November – will lead to any changes in the state’s ultimate vote count.