Democrat Wilson’s Slimy Attack: ‘I Don’t Trust’ CBP Agents with Girls ‘Going Through Puberty’

Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Frederica Wilson.

Florida Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D) appeared on national television to paint a portrait of United States Customs and Border Protection agents in the most degrading manner humanly possible.

Crossing the lines of decent and civilized decorum, Wilson described CBP agents as little better than foaming-at-the-mouth degenerates laying in wait to sexually attack pubescent girls currently being housed in Department of Health and Human Services facilities.

While appearing on CNN (of course), Wilson stated (emphasis mine);

“I saw the girls that I demanded to see, but not all of them. I saw the 17-year-olds. And the sad part about it the 17-year-olds were in a classroom. Maybe 14 classrooms of 17-year-olds. I saw where they sleep at night. And everyone uses the bathroom outside. So there’s a porta toilet. So if it’s raining or whatever inclement weather you may encounter you have to go outside to use the bathroom. So, they’re 17 waiting on their 18th birthday, ICE comes to that facility, shackles their hands, shackles their feet, and take them to a private prison just like the private facility that they’re in. So they’re profiting from these children. So it’s profit and greed. And instead of processing them out of these centers, out of that center, they’re constantly bringing girls and children into this center. And I do not trust them with adolescent girls. I do not trust them with girls going through puberty. I do not trust them.

Wilson and friends.