Despite Facts, Kamala Harris STILL Lies About the Death of Breonna Taylor

Zero pushback from the liberal media…

There are lies… and then there are lies where the perpetrator just may fully expect you to accept their lie, even to the point of insulting your intelligence.

With that said, here is the woman who very well may be in the White House much sooner than anyone ever suspected if the Democrats actually do win the upcoming election.

In spite of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron plainly stating “The warrant was not served as a no-knock warrant”, as reported by WHAS-TV of Louisville, KY, Harris is still pushing the narrative of BLM and Antifa even though AG Cameron hours before made clear the question of “no-knock warrant.”

For his part, the lower-half of the Harris-Biden ticket used 28 words to essentially say nothing;

True to his word, this is what our president said… a REAL leader;