Despite past failure, Hillary now sweating a Biden run

While the list of Republican presidential candidates starts to look more and more like the New York City Yellow Pages, the situation in the Democratic Party could very possibly be described as an increasingly paranoid Hillary Clinton looking over her shoulder. As the Fox News Channel’s chief White House correspondent details, the Clinton campaign is “increasingly nervous” that socialist Bernie Sanders isn’t the only threat to what was previously seen as a party nomination that was her’s for the taking.

As Ed Henry reported on Fox News on July 30, 2015, his anonymous sources inside the Washington beltway are telling him that Team Hillary 2016 are more than just a little nervous regarding the possibility of Joe Biden making a reach for the brass ring. The same anonymous sources said the reason for the raised eyebrows was when “Biden’s chief of staff at the White House, Steve Ricchetti, was spotted having breakfast recently with major Democratic donor Louis Susman, a Clinton friend who served as U.S. Ambassador to the United Kingdom under President Obama.”

However, the veep’s past record of making a run at the Oval Office may leave even the most jaded of political junkies scratching their collective chins as to why anyone would sweat a Biden run. According to The New York Times series of reports on the 2008 presidential election, Biden withdrew from the race after he pulled in less than 1 percent in the Iowa Caucus. Furthermore, despite Biden officially pulling the plug days prior to the New Hampshire, a handful of American still cast their Democratic primary ballots for him.

According to The Times, Biden garnered a mere 73,444 votes in total primary ballots cast across the nation. That’s approximately the same amount of people who reside in Surry County, NC. The largest town in Surry is the small hamlet of Mount Airy (population: 10,388), best known as the inspiration for the fictional town of Mayberry of the iconic television program The Andy Griffith Show.