Don’t You Love It When a Showboat Gets Knocked-Out?

Sabri “Canvas Back” Sediri.

There’s no two ways about it, British pugilist Sam Maxwell was getting his ass kicked.

That is, until the last 10 seconds in the tenth and final round. Boy, oh boy… did things take a total 180.

The Hackney-born (Northcentral London) boxer was punching it out in the English city of Leicester against French-born fighter Sabri Sediri for the WBO (World Boxing Association) European super lightweight title.

Long story short, by the tenth round, Maxwell’s face was a roadmap of pain. Bruised, bloodied, and battered, Maxwell somehow managed to stay on his feet, albeit with accompanying wobbly-knees.

In true French fashion, Sediri started midway through the tenth in mocking and baiting Maxwell.

Needless to say, Maxwell gave his Gallic opponent a lesson in not celebrating a win in the squared circle until the ref lifts your arm over your head.