Eastern Europe: Communists seen burning in hell

With the hierarchy of the Serbian Orthodox Church claiming coincidence, a fresco in an Eastern European cathedral church has images of individuals that happen to bear a striking resemblance to certain infamous Communists as well as other individuals of historic significance knee-deep in the fires of Gehenna, as reported by the Associated Press via the Globe and Mail of Toronto, Canada on Feb. 5, 2014.

In the Balkan nation’s capital city of Podgorica, Montenegro’s sprawling Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection is sporting among its wide and varied frescoes, a vision of hell which features three individuals among the flames and demons that just so happen to look an awful lot like Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels, writers of the 1848 Communist Manifesto.

Possibly added to complete an anti-HolyTrinity, alongside the likenesses of Marx and Engels is a cap donned individual who reminds many of the former Communist dictator of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito.

Engels and Marx.

With Communism long since banned and the recently re-independent Montenegro being a former Yugoslav republic, the memory of the repressive dictatorship of Marshal Tito still evokes strong feelings of hatred and fear among many.

An overwhelming majority of the 600,000 strong populace are adherents to the Serbian Orthodox Church which is currently under the spiritual leadership of Bishop Amfilohije Radovic who is outspokenly pro-reunion with Serbia.

His Eminence Bishop Radovic has never been one to mince words with countrymen who sought to break from Serbia, with them often being on the receiving end of his blistering verbal attacks.

Former dictator Josip Tito.

The Bishop has also reportedly not held back in his criticisms of Islam, and to a lesser degree, non-Orthodox Christians, specifically Catholics.

The fresco also portrays not only Montenegrin politicians at odds with the bishop, but also rival churchmen along with turban wearing Muslims occupying the depths of Sheol and being consumed by a rather large and sharp toothed minion of Satan.

According to Father Branko Vujacic, a 36-year-old priest serving faithful at the cathedral commented on the recently completed fresco:

I don’t see anything terrible in the symbolism of this fresco.

To be honest, I am not one of those who see Marx and Tito on it and I don’t even remember how Marx looked like, but I know that the fresco depicts the spirit of the time when the battle against God was fought.

However, the senior priest assigned to the cathedral, Father Velibor Dzomic believes the images clearly resemble the personalities in question:

Yes, I see them all. I see Tito, Marx, Engels and other enemies of Christ on that fresco.

Everyone has the right to his own interpretation – some see them, some don’t.

Art is a miracle.

Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection.
Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection.