Elitist Alert: Wasington Post Writer Insults Non-College Educated Trump Supporters

A college education ain’t what it use to be…

I guess it goes without saying that the Washington Post’s allegedly conservative op/ed writer looks down her nose at the vast majority of the American people. I guess it again goes without saying that her attitude must be some sort of twisted prerequisite to work at the WaPo.

As seen in the tweets below, Rubin and fellow sham-conservative Professor Tom Nichols, slyly insinuate that Trump supporters are little more than rural, under-educated hicks.

Perhaps unknown to Rubin, fully 67 percent of adult Americans don’t have a college education as cited by the 2015 US Census.

Maybe someone should remind Rubin that the non-college educated people in this country overwhelmingly;

  • Makes sure the shelves are stocked at her local grocery store.
  • Harvests the wheat, maintains the herds, and drills the oil she undoubtedly uses on a daily basis.
  • Climbs and repairs the powerlines in all sorts of weather when her power is out.
  • Repairs her vehicle and also ensures that gasoline is promptly and regularly delivered to her neighborhood.
  • Selflessly answers the call when she’s in danger and needs a First Responder.
  • Fills the ranks of the US Armed Forces, thusly ensuring that she continues to enjoy her rights of free speech and a free press.

Then again, a college education no longer carries the gravitas it use to. Personally speaking, I honestly don’t understand why any sane person would amass a $100,000 college debt just to graduate with a degree in Art History, Sociology, or Gender Studies.

I’d like to also point out that it’s non-college grads who fix her toilet and pick-up her trash every week. I don’t know why I equate the likes of Rubin and Nichols to an overflowing clogged toilet as well as weeks worth of trash piled high. I just do.

But just so you don’t think Rubin’s tweet was just a one off, here are a couple other examples of her latest “conservative” opinions on social media;