Enough Of Scandals Being Named After Watergate

ss-gulf-of-tonkin-1227296814905737-9-thumbnail-4Ever notice how many scandals and supposed scandals have “-gate” tacked on to their hindquarters?

Ordained by the largely hard-left media, the “-gate” suffix has been placed into journalistic canon law to constantly remind the sheeple/low information voters of Watergate and of course the Republican administration of Richard M. Nixon.   

The latest occurrence  of gateism to strike is the still developing Bridge-Gate in regards to the handful of traffic lanes on the George Washington Bridge (which is a FUBAR on the best of days) being shutdown by a member of Christ Christie’s inner circle.

Looked upon as at least one ex-staffer (maybe more) as payback aimed at the mayor of Ft. Lee, NJ for backing Christie’s Democrat opponent in the recent gubernatorial race, so far The Washington Post, the ABC affiliate in Philadelphia, and of course, CNN’s Piers Morgan have all started leg-humping -gate faster than Grandma Mildred’s damnable Chihuahua.

A few notable examples from recent history:

  • File-Gate — The illegal possession and scrutiny of 300-900 FBI files by the Clinton Administration without the file’s subject’s permission.
  • Monica-Gate, Lewinsky-Gate, Tail-Gate, Sex-Gate, Chubby Chaser-Gate or Zipper-Gate — named after Monica Lewinsky who had an “inappropriate relationship” with the then-US President Bill Clinton and a Gurkha Grand Reserve cigar.
  • Hooker-Gate – A group of Secret Service agents indulged in horizontal recreation with certain ladies of the evening while on an advance security trip to Columbia.

My personal favorite –

  • Shot in the Face-Gate — Alternate name given to the controversy surrounding then-Vice President Dick Cheney’s accidental shooting of Republican lawyer Harry Whittington during a quail-hunting trip in February 2006 and the suspected cover up.


But I Digress…

Let’s be honest, shall we? The Watergate burglary was a 3rd-rate comedy of errors. Hardly the scandal of the century as Pravda on the Hudson wants to convince us it is.

Say what you will about Dick Nixon, but the fact of that matter is Nixon never had prior knowledge of the break-in. Never.

Yet he was one of those few politicians that actually believed that loyalty is a two way street. That’s when the WWII vet did what he could to protect his people.

Hence, the Watergate Cover-up, and in its wake, the downfall of the Nixon Presidency.

But I Digress Again…

Now if we REALLY want to give a proper suffix to governmental corruption and scandals in general, how about we name them all after a REAL fraud perpetrated on the American people which resulted in almost 60,000 dead Americans in a 10-year war in Southeast Asia..

And by a Democrat President and Democrat Congress.

I propose that all future scandals be named after The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.

Can’t you see it now…?

  • The Gulf of Files
  • The Gulf of Monica
  • The Gulf of Hookers
  • The Gulf of Shot In The Face

Two Totally Unrelated Side Notes…

  1. With the upcoming release of former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates releasing his tell-all memoirs, where’s the media with Gates-Gate?
  2. As Greg Gutfeld correctly pointed out concerning The Gulf of Bridge, the Democrats best be careful not to stir-up controversies concerning bridges.