Enter Sandmann: Even BETTER News of Nick Sandmann Suing the Bullies

If you think the lawyers for Nick Sandmann (pronounced: Sand-muhn) hit a public relations homerun for dropping a quarter of a billion dollar lawsuit against the Washington Post, as Al Jolson once said, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”

With attorneys Todd McMurtry and L. Lin Wood, representing the Covington, KY, Catholic teenager and his family at the helm, things will get very interesting.

As reported by the Business Chronicle (Atlanta edition);

Lawyers for a Kentucky teen at the center of a viral video taken at a Lincoln Memorial march have sent letters to media outlets including Atlanta-based CNN.

The letters seek to preserve documentation of the Jan. 18 incident by organizations the lawyers believe may have defamed or libeled teenager Nick Sandmann with false reporting, Todd McMurtry of greater Cincinnati area law firm of Hemmer Defrank Wessels told USA Today.

McMurtry told USA Today that a team of seven lawyers has been working full time to review the media accounts of what happened. He said his office is sending an initial round of documentation preservation letters to Atlanta-based Cable News Network (CNN) as well as:

  • The Washington Post

  • The New York Times

  • The Guardian

  • National Public Radio

  • Heavy Inc.

  • TMZ

  • Atlantic Media Inc.

  • Capitol Hill Publishing Corp.

  • Diocese of Covington

  • Diocese of Lexington

  • Archdiocese of Louisville

  • [Arch]Diocese of Baltimore

The last four are the ones that make me very, VERY happy.

Nick Sandmann, presumably at his Confirmation, with his alleged “shepherd”
who was suppose to protect the lambs from the wolves.

As a Catholic, allow me to say I love my Church. Suffice it to say I utterly loathe the vast majority of the clerics, Religious, and theologians. Especially those in positions of authority.

Just like those clerics supposedly leading the above listed diocese and archdiocese.

I thought those supposed shepherds were tasked with protecting the lambs from the wolves. Sadly, these eunuchs are far more concerned with being politically correct milquetoasts than telling leftist bullies to go to hell.

Now let’s talk about young Nick Sandmann and the whole MAGA hat on the Mall controversy; one of the first things that Bishop Foys of the Diocese of Covington was to CONDEMN Nick and the rest of the boys participating in the March for Life last month.

By the way, has anyone discovered a spine donor for Bp. Foys yet?

Anyhow, it hasn’t been publicly announced how much the named archdiocese and diocese will be sued for, but I personally wish they rake them over the coals to the point they all go bankrupt.

Money (or the lack, thereof) is the only thing they understand.

But for lay Catholics such as myself, there is hope.

In part, here’s a portion of what CatholicVote.org President Brian Burch issued in the group’s following statement in their donation of $36,100 to the Sandmann family to assist in the financial difficulties they will surely face in both the near and long term (emphasis mine):

“Catholics understand what happened to Nick Sandmann could have happened to their son or daughter. The nasty attacks against Nick are a reminder of the darker side of left-wing mobs, fake news, and social media. The lionshare of the responsibility for this fiasco belongs to the media, yet many so-called Catholic leaders also share some blame. The rush to advance a particular narrative, before all the facts were known, is the result of a growing prejudice and hostility toward faithful Christians in America.

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  1. I stand with Nick! He is to be admired for the way he handled himself on January 18 at the March for Life. God bless him and his family.

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