Enviromentalists rush to defend pro-incest/pedophile ‘fractivist’

Vera Scroggins and children.
Vera Scroggins and children.

With the United States often referred to as the Saudi Arabia of natural gas, the extraction procedure of hydraulic fracturing, popularly known as simply “fracking,” has become one of the more popular energy objectives for Republicans nationwide while simultaneously becoming the bane of more than a few Democrats.

Case in point: a number of high-profile environmentalists have hitched their wagon to the shooting star that is Vera Scroggins, as reported by the right-of-center Washington Free Beacon on Jan. 30, 2014.

Unfortunately for her new-found allies, Scroggins has quite the history of advocating incestuous pedophilia.

Currently serving as the director for the anti-fracking environmental organization Citizens for Clean Water, Scroggins has recently found herself at the receiving end of a Pennsylvania temporary court order keeping her from setting foot on any of the 200,000 acres of land currently leased by Cabot Oil and Gas.

Claiming she and her group could very well harm herself and other group members in the course of her anti-fracking activism, Cabot has won at least this round in court.

In the wake of the temporary ruling, a number of environmentalists have expressed their outrage.

  • Josh Fox, director of the very anti-fracking movie Gasland exclaimed on Twitter “How can this be legal???”
  • Self-proclaimed philosophy teacher, environmental activist, and co-founder of Occupy London Energy, Peter Coville proudly proclaimed “My new heroine is called Vera Scroggins”.
  • Climate change activist group 350.org called the court decision “just surreal”.
  • The website going by the allegedly original moniker of No Fracking Way recently sung her praises that could best described by their boiling it down to their expressive “Go Vera!”

Sadly for the all of the above, Scroggins also has reportedly spoken out favoring incest, and not necessarily with spawn over the age of legal consent.

The Free Beacon attributed posts from 2001 to Scroggins from a now derelict Yahoo! Group “Peacelist” who championed being “dedicated to the advancement of the human species by restoring its natural peacefulness, through the means of affectionate parenting and sexual freedom.”

As cited, Scroggins propounded the notion of parents being the ones to introduce their children to human sexuality:

I have had intuitive thoughts that such would be a healthy way for parents to interact with their children and introduce their children to sensual/sexual pleasure and bonding and loving practices.

Who better to do it, than the parents first?

In a separate posting, Scroggins opined:

Children can lead the way in showing us sexuality and sensuality in their own, unique, innocent, way if allowed from birth to own their bodies in every pleasurable and expressive way.

As uncomfortable some may find sexual relationships with one’s own pre-pubescent children may be, it turns out she’s also quite the aficionado of running around au naturel:

Would be lovely to have a society that is comfortable with nudism and their bodies and not be obsessed about covering up whether it be clothes, makeup, etc.. I do feel comfortable and not a sex object at nudist gatherings and lovely to be surrounded by all sizes and shapes–feel innocent and like a child, playful–Plan to go Friday and Saturday to Empire Haven in upstate New York for a nudist sunbathers gathering.

The Free Beacon has noted that Scroggins has previously stated her comments were “taken out of context” as well as her past postings on Peacelist “are being used to smear me since I am getting much more effective in exposing the gas industry problems with pollution and contamination and the industrialization of our neighborhoods and farms.”