Ex-Miss Iraq Body Slams Rep. Ilhan Omar (D), ‘Does Not Represent Me as a Muslim’

Miss Iraq 2017, Sarah Idan. She can body slam me anytime she wants.

Recently minted US citizen Sarah Idan seems to have gotten herself into a bit of a Twitter war with Rep. Ilhan Oman (D-MN) regarding the freshman legislator’s somewhat questionable ties to the terrorist-linked Muslim Brotherhood.

In an interview with investigative reporter Sara Carter, the now Los Angeles-based Idan plainly stated that a certain fellow Muslim, specifically Ilhan Omar, simply “does not represent me as a Muslim.”

Specifically, the comely Iraqi spoke in greater specificity regarding Omar;

“Omar does not represent me as a Muslim, does not represent millions of Muslims in the middle in the Middle East.”

Then 19-yewars-old, Sarah Idan volunteered to sign-up with US forces as an Arabic-language translator and cultural go-between.

Idan also made known how she was raised in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, as well her feelings of US forces during the invasion of Iraq (emphasis mine);

She was taught that the U.S. and Israel were both “evil” forces, but Idan later learned that that was not the case.

“When I saw the soldiers, the U.S. soldiers the first time how they came and how they talked to us they gave us candy and flowers and they were like just one of the nicest people,” Idan told Carter. She no longer saw them as “evil” and, at the age of 18, Idan became a translator for the U.S. troops.

Now, Idan’s lived in the U.S. for nearly eight years, and she explained to Carter.

“I feel like here more at home than in Iraq,” she said. The belief in freedom, Idan said, “is something you cannot find in another country.”

However, as a champion for moderate Islam, Idan said she’s concerned with American leaders like Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN). “Omar does not represent me as a Muslim, does not represent millions of Muslims in the middle in the Middle East. You know, like in Arab countries we call her ‘the Muslim Brotherhood‘.”

“They are a extremist Muslims, Sunni Muslims, who are now working together with Iran against all the Arab countries,” she said. “They’re working now with Hezbollah, with Turkey, with all that. You know, the thing is about this organization they are extremist Muslims, they’re Jihadis, and they have this ideology that they want to control the world.”

After the interview, Sara Carter tweeted out bits and pieces of her nearly hour long show, which Omar obviously wasn’t a fan of. With a shaky grasp of English grammar, Omar fired out;

It was then that the Baghdad-born Idan showed her red, white and blue spirit in her reply to Omar;

A short time later, Idan doubled-down (actually, tripled-down) on setting the record straight regarding Omar;

In a related story, during the 2017 Miss Universe competition, Idan was threatened with death due to her posing for a selfie with Miss Israel, wishing to the world love and peace.

Due to an eventual goodwill tour of Israel, Idan was stripped of her Iraqi citizenship.

In all honesty (and pride) I’m of the opinion that Iraq’s loss is America’s gain. Welcome aboard, Sarah.