Faithful Chinese Catholics Slam Francis for Siding with the Communist Party

Unless one really follows the goings on of the Catholic Church, you might not know that there are actually two groups of Catholics under the dictatorial fist of the Communist dictators of China;

    1. The six million souls of the “Underground Church” who still adhere and remain loyal to Eternal Rome and her 2,000 years of loyalty to Christ.
    2. The six million drones who’ve plead loyalty to the Communist Party since 1957, but always hiding behind a façade of Catholicism.

Making it official in 1958, Pope Pius XII officially excommunicated the so-called “bishops” of the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association, which is actually an organ of the Chinese Communist Party.

Even as recent as 2007, Pope Benedict XVI openly took aim at Communist bureaucrats, “persons who are not ‘ordained’, and sometimes not even baptized, control and take decisions concerning important ecclesial questions, including the appointment of Bishops, in the name of various State agencies.”

However, during the pontificate of Francis there has been quite a chummy relationship between he and the Party Bosses in Beijing.

The relationship is so good, that the legitimate Chinese Catholics are afraid that Francis just threw them under the bus. In fact, the China’s faithful Catholics believe that Francis has given “too much power to the Chinese Communist Party and ignoring the plight of Catholics who had been jailed, tortured or had faced other forms of persecution for remaining loyal to Rome”, as reported by

Despite government torture and mysterious disappearances, honest Catholics are pushing back. As reported by (emphasis mine);

A number of the Chinese Catholic faithful have expressed regret over the Vatican agreement with the Chinese Communist government, saying it has emboldened officials in their persecution of Christians.

While the Chinese-Vatican agreement is not the direct cause of this persecution, the accord emboldens government authorities, who claim that “the Vatican supports us,” local Catholics of the diocese of Handang told AsiaNews, the official press agency of the Pontifical Institute for Foreign Missions.

The agency also reported that the government has decreed that it will demolish another 40 Christian churches.

At the church in Wu Gao Zhang, in the Guantao district of Hebei, the faithful are pushing back against a government decree to demolish the church with the excuse that the building lacks the appropriate permits, despite its recognition by the government.

At 6:00 am Thursday morning, faithful and priests barricaded themselves inside the church in an effort to prevent the Chinese government from tearing the building down.

Following the Sino-Vatican “provisional” agreement on the naming of bishops, signed between the two parties in September 2018, the crackdown on unofficial Christian communities has reportedly escalated as the government has amped up pressure for all believers to enlist in the party-approved association.

Just weeks after the Vatican signed a deal with the Communist Party, authorities demolished two Catholic pilgrimage sites dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Officials destroyed the shrine of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows in Dongergou along with Our Lady of the Mountain, in Anlong (Guizhou).

The shrine in Dongergou was reportedly torn down in the name of “Sinicization,” because according to government officials, there were “too many crosses” and “too many holy paintings,” making the sanctuary unacceptable to regulations set by the Communist party.

The following month, government officials arrested four priests of the underground Catholic Church for refusing to join the Catholic Patriotic Association.