Fake News Alert: Schumer, Menendez Flat-Out Lie Regarding Afghan Peace Talks, NY Daily News Buries the Truth

… pants on fire.

Senators Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ) have been caught red-handed spreading fake news. Coming as a shock to no one, the MSM is covering the asses of the two members of the Jackass Party.

At a joint news conference by Schumer and Menendez held this past Sunday on the New York side of the Hudson River, the dopey duo discussed (at length) the dangers of taking selfies with your pets while on helicopter tours of Gotham.

Eventually, both got around to discussing something of real importance: The cancelled Afghanistan peace talks.

As seen in the video below, first it was Menendez that pushed the lie that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani wasn’t even invited to Camp David for the talks; “You can’t have peace unless you have the Taliban AND the Afghan government together”

Then it was Schumer at the bat; “For the US to meet with the Taliban and not have the leader of Afghanistan to meet with the Taliban is doomed to failure.”

In their coverage, the New York Daily News spilled quite a bit of ink regarding Schumer’s attacks on the POTUS for trying to bring peace to the war torn Central Asian nation.

Interestingly enough, the NY Daily News finally got around to printing on the 11th paragraph that President Ghani certainly was scheduled to be present at the same peace talks.