Fake News Update: CNN’s Newst Anchor Spreading Outright Lies of Kavanaugh

The latest mouthpiece hired by the Democrat’s Ministry of Propaganda is already spreading the bullshit both wide and deep.

Useful Idiot Jim Sciutti obviously skipped class that day when objectivity was covered in his journalism class.

Oh… wait. Sciutti never majored in Journalism. Neither does he have a major in Communications.

Not even as much as even a minor in Journalism or Communications. But wait, he does have a bachelor’s degree in Chinese History from Yale. Hey, I guess that qualifies to be a journalist at what is supposedly “The most trusted name in news“.

Comrade Sciutto.

But back to the DNC’s latest purveyor of blatant lying.

The Daily Caller’s Amber Athey is reporting that Sciutti “sent an inaccurate tweet about Senate Judiciary offers to Dr. Christine Ford on Tuesday.”

As noted, Sciutti sent out via Twitter;

But as sharp-eyed Athey cited;

Sciutto incorrectly claimed that Ford was only offered a public testimony, writing, “The offer to #ChristinaBlaseyFord is blunt: testify in public six days from now while under death threats or your allegation will be ignored in the confirmation of a SCOTUS nominee. That is quite the choice.”

[Sen Chuck] Grassley told The Hill on Tuesday night that the committee had already offered Ford the opportunity to testify publicly or privately and had given her multiple dates to choose from.

Rather than delete the incorrect tweet, Sciutto quote-tweeted himself to clarify that Grassley offered a private hearing option.

“Sen @ChuckGrassley added the option of private testimony for Ford yesterday. New today, the senator has offered to fly staff to California to interview her there. The Monday timeline remains the same,” Sciutto wrote.

Sciutto’s original tweet containing false information has over 18,000 likes and 8,000 retweets, while the updated tweet has just a few hundred.