Family-friendly ‘Sound of Music’ leaves Lady Gaga and Muppets in rear view mirror

Carrie Underwood shines as Maria in "Sound of Music" remake.
Carrie Underwood shines as Maria in “Sound of Music” remake.

Perhaps proving that wholesomeness still can win out over the outrageous, NBC’s live telecast of The Sound of Music crushed ABC’s questionable pairing of the Muppets with the sexually ambiguous train wreck that is Lady Gaga, as reported by on Dec. 6, 2013.

NBC took a huge risk this past Thanksgiving evening by airing its first live broadcast of a Broadway production in 50 years… and also by starring in the lead role a non-actress Country & Western singer who knew there were no second chances during the mini-marathon three hour telecast.

Cuter Than a Baby Harp Seal With a Hello Kitty Grenade Launcher…

Possibly more All-American than mom, apple pie and baseball in a Chevy truck, Carrie Underwood ended any questions of her drawing power or acting chops by drawing and keeping 18.5 million viewers, the highest NBC has managed to score for years.

During commercial breaks.
During commercial breaks.

Commenting on hate messages she’d been receiving, Underwood stated in an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

‘You’re not Julie Andrews!’ I know I’m not — nobody is, and I would never pretend that I was.

I know my place…

Showing both class and humility simultaneously, Underwood was asked if she heard yet from Julie Andrews:

Not personally. I do fully intend to write her a very nice letter, because she’s been very publicly supportive of this, which has meant the world.

The Last Bomb This Big Ended World War II…

Then there was ABC’s 90 minute long Lady Gaga and The Muppets Holiday Spectacular which ironically aired the weekend before Turkey Day.

Be afraid, Kermit. Be very afraid.
Be afraid, Kermit. Be very afraid.

ABC’s “spectacular” was anything but, drawing a mere 3.6 million viewers, 14.9 million less than The Sound of Music.

It’s Not That We Don’t Trust You, But…In a possible move to have a ready made audience for the untested-in-prime-time Lady Gaga, the LG&TMHS was preceded by the 40-year-old solid and consistent ratings winner “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.”

To add insult to injury, The Round Headed Kid garnered a total of 5.3 million viewers, 1.7 milion more than the self-titled “Fame Monster.”

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