Feds knew months ago, only now is warning ISIS targeting military wives and kids


With the terrorist group ISIS airing videos of their grisly beheadings of hostages with regularity, their recent threat against everyday Americans may have unwittingly brought to light that the U.S. government is so large, bloated and bureaucratic, America could possibly be the proverbial giant that can’t tie its own shoes. As reported by Fox News via the Military.com news portal on Oct. 3, 2014, a U.S. Army intelligence warning is getting the word out to military personnel and their families to exercise vigilance after ISIS called on its many supporters to “scour social media for addresses of their family members — and to ‘show up [at their homes] and slaughter them.'”

Yet what remains somewhat disconcerting, Fox News Chief Intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge bluntly stated in her report that Fox News had to “obtain” the warning. Ostensibly, it’s reasonably assumed the Army would have disseminated the same to the civilian media overall. The warning was sent to the world-wide United States military community in the form of  the Pentagon’s Army Threat Integration Center (ARTIC) issuance of ARTIC-SA-14-0015 Special Assessment on Sept. 25, 2014.

Curiously, the same Army Special Assessment clearly cites a terrorist threat timeline that is more than slightly different than what Fox News has reported to the nation and the world. ARTIC-SA-14-0015 references a Reuters news service report of Sept. 22, 2014 noting that an ISIS/ISIL spokesman called on his fellow Islamist Jihadists “to attack citizens of the US, France and other countries that joined the US-led coalition against the group.”

However, the Army’s own threat warning references they actually had at least two months notice that ISIS/ISIL called on so-called “lone wolves” to hunt down the families of American military members in the United States “and slaughter them.” What the Army’s threat assessment states was “a law enforcement bulletin” was in actuality a report by correspondent Jana Winter of Fox News of Sept. 18, 2014. As Winters uncovered, a July law enforcement intelligence bulletin from the Central Florida Intelligence Exchange (CFIE), a state-run agency that gathers, assesses and shares threat information and works with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), there will be “a continued call – by Western fighters in Syria and terrorist organizations – for lone offender attacks against U.S. military facilities and personnel.”

Not only in Florida, but the DHS honchos in Washington, DC were aware long ago that “these threats will most likely increase should the U.S. or its allies attack the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) in Syria or Iraq.” Winter also cited in the CFIE intel bulletin that a “British jihadist” encouraged his brethren living the the West “to use Facebook and LinkedIn to find and target soldiers.”

Winter also informed the citizenry that ISIS took to the micri-blooging site Twitter to quite openly pass instructions onto the lone wolves, or as the U.S. Army calls them, the more criminal vice act of war sounding – lone offenders. “You could literally search for soldiers, find their town, photos of them, look for address in Yellowbook or something,” the tweet read. “Then show up and slaughter them.”