Fellow Conservatives, Please Stop Referring to Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn as a ‘War Hero’… Simply Because He Isn’t

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a hero… just not a war hero.

Heroism comes in many forms; a Marine or a cop rushing into gunfire, personal safety be damned; a firefighter charging into a burning building to save trapped people; a loving parent who goes to a job he or she hates, but goes anyhow to ensure their family doesn’t have to do without; someone who tells the truth, even if rogue FBI agents are trying to frame you.

With that aside, it burns me the hell up when I hear the phrase “war hero” applied to someone who isn’t.

Unfortunately, many are referring to Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn as such. If you are one of those folks, please stop.

However, in my humble opinion, Gen. Mike Flynn has displayed himself in the past couple of years in a heroic manner. The integrity and personal, moral courage he’s displayed while a minority of dirty and corrupt FBI agents tried to frame him is simply Homeric as far as I’m concerned.

Real war hero, Lt. Gen. Lewis “Chesty” Puller. Five Navy Crosses, one Army DSC, one Silver Star, two Legions of Merit (w/ Combat “V”), one Bronze Star (w/ Combat “V”).

But just because he has a chest full of medals and has been in a combat zone, neither equate to being a “war hero.” Keep in mind there are very few medals awarded based solely on personal heroism (in order of precedence);

  1. The Medal of Honor
  2. The Navy Cross (USN, USMC), Distinguished Service Cross (US Army), Air Force Cross (USAF, USSF), Coast Guard Cross (USCG)
  3. The Silver Star
  4. (Personal heroism in a non-combat situation) The Navy & Marine Corps Medal, Soldier’s Medal, Airman’s Medal (USAF, USSF), Coast Guard Medal

Those are the only four categories that count. In all honesty, all those dozens of various personal awards are little more than “thanks for doing a good job” medals.

Anyhow, I find it unfortunate that even President Trump has called him a “war hero”.

So has Sean Hannity, as well as the general’s own brother, Joseph J. Flynn.

Again to his credit, do you know who hasn’t been referring to Gen. Flynn as a “war hero”? Him. He hasn’t.

Very possibly, Gen. Flynn looks upon that particular appellation is I do; when you call someone a “war hero” who isn’t, you disrespect those who truly are… especially those who are no longer with us.