Finally, Sports: ESPN8 (The Ocho) Televising the 2020 Dodgeball World Championship

No Spring Training, no March Madness, no Rugby Sevens Tournament. The list of sports cancellations doesn’t seem to end.

But fear not, sports junkies… ESPN has resurrected ESPN8 “The Ocho” (ESPN2 on your remote control).

Recognizing the itch that only sports can scratch, the 2020 Dodgeball World Cup (USA vs Canada) will be televised from Cairo, Egypt.

The Sporting News not only has the entire Sunday schedule of obscure sports listed, they’ve also given a thumbnail of some of the more crypto-sports. Check netentplay.

Just a sampling;

2019 IDEAL Electricians National Championship
Pros can win $60,000, and apprentices can win $40,000. It’s where “Electricians become legends.” Qualifying events for the 2020 championships have been suspended until April 13.

51st National Stone Skipping Competition
Mackinac Island in Michigan is home to this event, and this is a chance to watch Guinness World record holder Kurt Steiner in action. He’s the man who once got a stone to skip 88 times across the water.

2007 World Sport Stacking Championships
This looks like one of those viral competitions, but it’s all about technique when stacking cups. It only takes one mistake to lose a heated duel.

2019 World Sign Spinning Championship
Fremont Street in Las Vegas is home to this competition, and the first round is intense. You have 30 seconds to show the judges just how much “spin game” you have. Watch Hall of Famer Matt Dolan go to work in the 2019 championships.

2019 Stupid Robot Fighting League
SFFL competitions run hot in the “Rectagon,” and this sport, which was created in New Zealand, allows viewers to watch two “stupid robots” duke it out. There are different height and weight classes, but you might find the rules about taunting a little unusual.

America’s Dodgeball Continental Cup: USA vs. Canada
There is the “Miracle on Ice,” then there is that miraculous comeback that the United States pulled off in the Continental Cup in 2019. Watch the Americans rally from a 12-2 deficit in this memorable matchup.