First Somali-Muslim female congresswoman advances claim that Sen Lindsey Graham is a homosexual

Sen Lindsey Graham (Republican-SC) and Rep Ilhan Omar (Democrat Farm Labor-MN).

Ilhan Abdullahi Omar may be one of two Muslim women first elected to the US House of Representatives (Rashida Harbi Tlaib (D-MI) of “impeach that mother f*cker” fame being the other), but she just may have stooped even lower than her sister in Mohammad with her latest foray into the public eye.

Besides, Rep Omar has plenty of her own personal problems of her own. Namely, that she is not only legally married to two men, but one of those two men are none other than her own brother. As reported by Scott W. Johnson of the City-Journal (Manhattan Institute); (Emphasis mine)

As many candidates do, Omar has made her personal background an integral part of her campaign. But neither the candidate nor the reporters who covered her have shown much interest in exploring one aspect of her personal story that recently came to public attention: the fact that she is not legally married to the man she advertises as the husband and the father of her three children. In fact, she is legally married to another man—who may be her brother. A posting on the SomaliSpot discussion board alleged that Omar had married the man touted as her husband in 2002 before marrying her brother for fraudulent purposes in 2009. The post, which seems to have been written by someone from Minneapolis’s Somali community, was quickly deleted. By the time it came to my attention, the post was only available via a Google cache (now also deleted). If the story is true, however, it suggests that Omar had engaged in some kind of dishonest activity in connection with her marriage to her brother (which by itself would be illegal).

I originally checked out the SomaliSpot story online through the Minnesota Official Marriage System. Inputting Omar’s name, I found that the two marriages cited in the discussion board post checked out as indicated. The site reflected Omar’s 2002 marriage to her advertised husband, Ahmed Aden (later Ahmed Hirsi), and her 2009 marriage to Ahmed Nur Said Elmi (identified in the SomaliSpot post as Omar’s brother). A few days after the primary, I submitted written questions to representatives of the Omar campaign, citing the SomaliSpot post, and asking whether Omar’s second marriage had been entered into with her brother for dishonest purposes. That same afternoon, I received a message from Omar’s press contact indicating that the campaign would get back to me later that day. I didn’t hear back from campaign officials directly, but I did receive a response from Minneapolis criminal defense attorney Jean Brandl. It provided no answer to my question, and implied that the question itself evidenced bigotry against Omar and her candidacy for public office.

But with all that aside, John Nolte of is reporting that Omar is diving head-first into the deep-end of the pool… and the good Congresswoman just may be in way over her head;

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) is now spreading a homophobic conspiracy theory that originated with MSNBC anchor Stephanie Ruhle about Sen. Lindsey Graham being blackmailed by Trump over “something pretty extreme.”

Using her verified Twitter account, Omar wrote of Graham, “They got to him, he is compromised!”

Earlier this week, and without any evidence, Ruhle closed a MSNBC segment about Graham’s support for Trump with the media/left’s latest form of McCarthysim: “It could be that Donald Trump or somebody knows something pretty extreme about Lindsey Graham. We’re gonna leave it there.”

Everyone knows what Ruhle is referring to, which is why she was comfortable saying she would “leave it there.”

For years now, rumors have swirled that the never-married 63-year-old Graham is a homosexual. Ruhle wanted to get this rumor swirling as a means to punish Graham for his energetic and effective support for Trump of late, and it worked…

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  1. There is no room in our country for people who hate us. Consider what has happened in Europe and is happening now. It’s not too late for the USA to stop these haters from coming to the US

  2. These people have no business being in our country!!! Get them ALL out of here , we must , if we want to be safe , and keep our children safe!

  3. So what if he is. This woman is evil, vile and a bigamist. Sen. Graham is a good man and to say or write a damaging statement about him is criminal. Get these Muslims out of our government, they have nothing but bad intentions towards our country, wanting to take us over, is what their goal is.. get rid of the haters of our country, our President, our way of government ,send them packing.

  4. So what if that lie was true, he still has done more for this country than she ever will. Dont trust the liars.

  5. Frankly it makes no difference to me. That is his personal business except if you are a homophobic muslim bitch out to make a name for herself. Bottom line….it doesn’t make one damn bit of sense at all…..

  6. Give the broken ass pussy bitch a nice blt and a Bible, turn away from the satanic cult ( islam ) and believe the one and only true God Jesus Christ!!!

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