Flimsy Shantytown in Bahamas Destroyed by Dorian, AOC Blames ‘Climate Deniers’

Miss Barwench goes to Washington.

There is a shantytown of cheaply (and dangerously) slapped together shacks and sheds on the Bahamian island of Grand Abaco.

Inhabited by a few thousand of the upwards of 80,000 Haitian illegal immigrants strewn throughout The Bahamas, the Haitians have constructed their duct tape and bailing wire slum on a less-than-desirable piece of real estate known to the locals of the town of Marsh Harbour simply as “The Mudd” (by the way, does the “Marsh” in “Marsh Harbour” give you a clue to the state of the local geography?).

Just so I understand the situation, thousands of illegal aliens patched together some two-by-fours and bits of scrap plywood to build the same kinds of poverty-stricken hovels they use to live in back in Haiti, right?

And before I forget, they also built their ad hoc ghetto on a piece of ground so undesirable that every time it rains, their self-inflicted slum rather quickly turns into a mud pit.

Nonetheless, this is what our dim-witted representative from Da Bronx saw fit to post to social media;

Allow me to be the first to inform Comrade Lexie that whenever the sciences of meteorology, climatology, atmospheric physics, or atmospheric chemistry manifest themselves into something along the lines of, oh… let’s just say a hurricane, that same weather event simply isn’t a sentient being. Hurricanes don’t make a conscience decision on who, what, or where to hit first, second, third, or even last.

Sorry, Lexie. Storms don’t make the decision to hit “vulnerable communities first.”

Then this ditz openly states, “I can already hear climate deniers screeching: “It’s always been like this! You’re dim,” etc.”

Yet again… sorry, Lexie. You are that dim.

For thousands and thousands and thousands of years from late-spring until mid-autumn it’s always been hurricane season for the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and the northwest Atlantic Ocean.

But in all fairness, AOC might be bemoaning the fact that natural disasters present-day have sizeable death tolls and billions of dollars in property damage. With all that aside, she still doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Just for the sake of discussion, let’s say a Cat 5 slammed into Grand Abaco right around the 9th century. How many people do you think were on that island? Maybe a few dozen, 100 tops.

What kind of property damage was done? Maybe a few Gilligan’s Island grass huts taken out, that’s about it.

Why can’t AOC give just a little thought before she makes herself look stupid?

Then again, she does qualify herself as a Democratic Socialist… so there’s that.

In the meantime, may God rest the souls of those who died due to Dorian and may His perpetual light shine upon them.