Florida Cops Bust Two Satan-Worshipping Pre-Teens: Plotted to Drink Victims Blood, Eat Their Flesh

Just when you think the biggest problems that parents of middle schoolers might have would be how to deal with raging hormones and lippy kids, think again.

The city of Bartow, Florida may have the official nickname as the “City of Oaks and Azaleas,” but they may want to reconsider tagging their town, “City of Blood-Thirsty Satanists.”

As it turns out, the Bartow Police Department has arrested a pair of pre-teen girls who came to school (allegedly) prepared to slaughter just as many of their school chums as possible as sacrifices to their Dark Lord.

Among the many edged weapons confiscated by the cops was also a pair of scissor and a glass goblet. You guess it… they planned on not only eating chunks their victims flesh, but also drinking their blood.

Lord of the Flies, The Beast, Enemy of Righteousness, The Destroyer, Satan.

In a rather grisly article, CNSNews.com is reporting that the diabolical due planned on killing at least 15 fellow students at Bartow Middle School.

Arrested on 23 Oct, the news of the apprehension was kept under wraps until now. The girls reportedly were charged with conspiracy to commit murder and possession of a weapon on school property.

Bartow Police Chief Joe Hall stated at a press conference;

“They noted that they wanted to kill at least 15 people and were waiting in the bathroom to find smaller kids that they could overpower to be their victims. I believe that these two small children — I’m going to call them small children, they are only 11 and 12 — seriously sat down and plotted to do bodily harm to another student at school.”

Also noted;

After school started, however, a robocall was sent to one of the girls’ mother inquiring why her daughter was not in school. The mother then called the school and said her daughter should be there.

School authorities contacted police and shortly thereafter the girls were located in a bathroom where they apparently were hiding and waiting for a potential victim. They were taken to the principal’s office. Once there, police discovered the weapons in the girls’ backpacks.

The two girls then “admitted to planning to kill students as they entered the bathroom,” ABC Action News reported.

Adding to the creep-out factor (remember, these are just a couple of pre-teens);

“When asked about motivation, the girls reportedly told police that they were Satan worshipers,” reported ABC Action News. “According to police, the girls planned to drink their victims’ blood out of the goblet they were found with. They also discussed eating their victims’ flesh and leaving body parts at the school’s entrance before killing themselves.”

According to the arrest affidavit, “Killing all of these students was in hopes it would make them worse sinners ensuring that after they committed suicide … [they] would go to hell so they could be with Satan.”