‘Flying Monkeys’ greet Hillary in LA, liberals fail to see the humor


“All these leftists, I’m tired of their sh*t.” – SABO, guerrilla street artist.

With a none too subtle reference to Gingema (aka: The Wicked Witch of the East), the man dubbed the Los Angeles guerrilla street artist is greeting Hillary Clinton to town with his own special brand of snarky combination of art and political commentary. Known to the media only by his nom de artistique of SABO, the Breitbart.com news portal and The Hollywood Reporter are both noting on Oct. 17, 2014, that his version of L. Frank Baum’s nightmarish flying monkeys from his classic The Wizard of Oz will be greeting the former First Lady to the City of the Angels when she’s expected to fly into town soon for a very exclusive and equally high priced fundraising event next Monday to benefit the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

With Clinton scheduled to hit up wealthy donors living in the über-rich Los Angeles Westside neighborhood of Brentwood, a handful of SABO’s posters of Gingema’s pro-Clinton minions, complete with “Hillary 2016” placards, have been seen hanging from traffic lights and pasted to utility boxes. Much to the apparent chagrin of Hollywood’s tolerant and accepting liberals, they are decidedly not amused.

According to the artist, one of his Hillary’s Flying Monkey creations was “violently” ripped down near one of the hoity toity and oh-so-trendy Whole Foods supermarkets. The Hollywood Reporter cites SABO’s creation has “defaced” Brentwood, as well as his satirical website “brutally ridicules” both Clinton and the Democratic Party overall. Never one to hide his conservative leanings, SABO stated in an email to The Hollywood Reporter, “All these leftists, I’m tired of their sh*t.”

Not quite done yet, the artist also plainly stated on his personal website, “It sickens me to see just about every California Republican I run across pull out the white flag in surrender to the coming coronation of Hillary Clinton. They’ve all but given up without a hint of a fight. Let this image be a reminder to them that our lady in waiting is not invincible. Obama came out of nowhere and knocked her off her perch without so much as trying.”

Also famous for his “Obama Drone” street art posters, SABO targeted the likes of Hollywood royals Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson and Jon Stewart. Summing up his feeling of liberals within the world of entertainment, the artist stated, “You know, it’s kind of like a double or triple entendre in that, I mean, if you listen to one of these celebrities go on, they’re like, droning on and on and on about how they love Obama or the left or the Democrats, or they drone on about how much Republicans suck, and in a way, much the way an unmanned aircraft flies through the air, these people fly through the airwaves.” An example of SABO’s biting satire on his Tavern satirical site describes the Oct. 20th Brentwood fundraiser as, “So once again there will be speeches to people who paid $32,400 a plate about the evils of money in politics and how only the Republicans are the one’s who can afford to attend such gatherings.”

Scheduled to take place at Brentwood’s swanky The Tavern restaurant, an example of the standard menu would be beef short ribs with sunchoke puree, rapini & horseradish crème fraîche at a cool $36.00 per serving (sides extra). Perhaps more familiar to the average American would be a burger, fries and a glass of beer. What wouldn’t be more familiar to the average American would be the $28.00 for said burger, fries and cold one. The Tavern does make clear on their online menu that “A 3% charge is added to all checks to cover the cost of full health care benefits for our employees. Thank you for supporting a healthier & happier staff.”