Former Navy SEAL empties bladder on the grave of political correctness

SO1 Higbie, USN. Employee of the Month at the 72 Virgins Dating Service. (Twitter)
SO1 Higbie, USN. Employee of the Month at the 72 Virgins Dating Service. (Twitter)

It’s one thing to kill political correctness. It’s quite the step further to bury political correctness. 

Suffice it to say that former Navy SEAL SO1 (Special Warfare Operator, First Class) Carl Higbie just urinated all over the grave site. And on national TV at that.

Well, he may not have really taken a leak all over the  non-existent final resting place of political correctness and all the Leftist drivel that goes with it, but he might as well had.

While being interviewed on the Fox Business Channel’s economy-minded program Cavuto: Coast to Coast,  the former professional badass was asked his take on President Trump’s placing the Islamic Republic of Iran “on notice” regarding their boyish hijinx and innocent monkeyshines that were rewarded during the recent administration of the Kenyan-born woman-hating interloper who is somehow legally wed to a shaved she-Yeti.

Before I forget, said boyish hijinx and  accompanying innocent monkeyshines are in regard to the mullahs developing nuclear warheads and testing intercontinental ballistic missiles.

As the show’s namesake and host Neil Cavuto was in the process of introducing Higbie, the Duke of Little Debbies made mention of Iran being in violation of not only their (non-binding) Obama brokered nuclear deal, but also our Persian opponents blowing off the toothless dog that is the United Nations.

For his part, Higbie does make a valid attempt at civilian-speak, at least initially.

Attempting to cite how the strongmen in Iran are sponsors of international terrorism, etc.

But falling back on his CED (Crude Enlisted Background), Higbie just comes right out and says it:

“I mean, Neil, this is a country where 50 percent of its population doesn’t even use toilet paper.”

Like I said, Carl Higbie just pissed all over the grave of political correctness.

Fair winds and following seas, shipmate.