Fox News Report: What to do with the Tens of Thousands of ISIS Prisoners?

“Those who have committed atrocities, execute them. Every single one of them…”

As seen in the video report below, Fox News reporter Benjamin Hall cites that in just one of the Kurdish-ran prisons in Eastern Syria, there are roughly 71,000 ISIS terrorists, wives, and children.

Aussie teen recruited by ISIS.

Or as Hall refers to the situation, “a ticking timebomb.”

The main theme reporter Hall emphasizes is that there is simply not enough Kurdish guards to effectively maintain control of “the mini-caliphate” that the terrorists have established inside the wire.

I won’t give a blow-by-blow recap of Hall’s report, you’ll have to watch the video for yourself.

But suffice it to say that Hall has noted that the ISIS head honchos are meting-out sharia law in spades.


One of the inmates was found hacked to death, then chopped into teeny-tiny pieces. To top that, Hall also reports that a one-year-old baby was found beaten to death.

Keep in mind that these are the same gutless cowards whose bread and butter were acts such as slitting the throats of Egyptian Christians and burning a Jordanian Air Force pilot alive.

Now I was taught to never complain about a problem unless I have a solution. So here’s my two-part remedy;

  1. Those who have committed atrocities, execute them. Every single one of them, regardless of sex, regardless of age. And I mean every singe one.
  2. The wives and children who have committed no crimes against humanity need to be repatriated back to their nations of origin. Don’t tell those particular governments that we’re dropping anyone off at the airports, just do it. After all, this is a mess of their making. Let them clean it up.