Gallup poll: Obama approval among U.S. Muslims sky high

Results of the latest Gallup poll have hit the streets and the results show that Barack Obama’s approval ratings are through the roof with adherents of his father’s and step-father’s religion. As Russia Today described on July 11, 2014, American Muslims represent Obama’s last bastion of support.

As reported on Gallup’s internet news portal, Obama’s approval rate among the followers of Mohammed are topping out at an almost unheard of 72 percent, while a mere 20 percent disapproved. Yet it turns out that Muslims aren’t the only ones that the Chief Executive has a┬ápreponderance of their approval.

A majority of those identified as Other non-Christian (Hindu, Buddhist, etc.) gave Obama a favorable/unfavorable rating of 59/34 percent. Jews also had a majority favorable ranking of 55/41 percent. The last demographic that has a majority favorable percentile were those identified as No religion/Atheist/Agnostic at 54/38.

However, those cited only comprise roughly 25 percent of the population. The remaining 75 percent of America classifies themselves as either Christian or Latter-Day Saints. Unfortunately for Obama, the majority of Catholics, Protestants and Mormons have ranked the former community organizer unfavorably.

A slim majority of Catholics ranked Obama unfavorably with his numbers coming in at 44/51. Protestants widened the thumbs-up/thumbs-down gap with 37/58. But it was among Mormons that Obama fared the worst: A puny 18 approved, while 78 percent disapproved.

According to Gallup’s 88,000 interviews during the first six months of 2014, Obama’s current 43% overall job approval average is a full five points lower than his 48% approval average from his inauguration to date. Of the differing religious subgroups, Obama’s approval numbers are currently “between five and seven percentage points lower than the full 2009-2014 average for each.”

Obama is a self-described Christian, albeit not an active member in any particular congregation. His best known religious preference was his highly publicized membership in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s politically charged Trinity United Church of Christ in his adopted hometown of Chicago. Wright is best known for his controversial statements, such as his once referring to the State of Israel as “illegal” and “genocidal” as well as his once declaring from the pulpit that God should not bless America, but instead “God damn America.”