Gary Busey Advocates for Day Off, Catholics Good to Go at Baptismal Font

Yes, Elvis is a proper Baptismal name.

Elvisuis Est Rex Regenium, Infantia!

Yes, Elvis IS the King, baby.

And faithful Catholics as well as fans of Gary Busey have reason to celebrate this hallowed day, for it was 76 years ago today when Elvis therefore was born in Tupelo of Mississippi.

As any faithful Catholic will tell you, the proper Baptismal name bestowed must be that of a canonized Saint  or that of a Christian virtue, such as Faith, Hope or Charity.

What most don’t know, there really was a Saint Elvis, or correctly in the old Irish, St. Ailbe.

And what may soon rival Graceland as a pilgrimage site for fans of The King, there is still a small Catholic parish in rural Wales dedicated under the protection and patronage of St. Elvis of Munster, Ireland.

The Hollywood Treatment…

As Hollywood’s most famous odd man out, Gary Busey may have prophetically sounded the clarion call when he made it plain in the 1983 film DC Cab that he absolutely would not work on January 8th for obvious reasons.