Geert Wilders plans on hosting another ‘Draw Mohammed’ exhibition

On the heels of Pamela Geller hosting the Mohammed Art Exhibit and Contest, and also the Gardland Police Department themselves hosting a subsequent and somewhat impromptu marksmanship clinic held on the spot, one of the guests of honor at the Texas event is planning on his own “Draw Mohammed” exhibition. As reported by the news portal on May 7, 2015, Dutch Member of Parliament and anti-Sharia activist Geert Wilders (pronounced: Heert Veelders) plans on taking the cartoon renderings of the founder of Islam on the road in his native Holland.

Seeking to spread his anti-jihad message back home in The Netherlands, Wilders intends on petitioning his nation’s legislature to host a like event. “I am going to request parliament to exhibit the same cartoons as those that were displayed in Garland,” he said. “I want to send a message that if you use violence to suppress free speech the only effect is that we’ll do it even more. We must show we’ll not be intimidated.”

But prior to leaving the United States, Wilders said in a Fox News interview on Tuesday, “I always said that what has happened in Europe will also happen in America if you don’t stop Islam.” Giving an ominous prediction, he matter-of-factly stated there would be more terrorist actions like the Garland attack on U.S. soil: “I fear you haven’t seen anything yet.”

Not his first visit to the States, Wilders was invited in 2011 to speak before the Tennessee Freedom Coalition meeting, hosted by the Republican Party of Williamson County, Tennessee. In an interview with The Tennessean newspaper of Nashville (via WBIR of Knoxville), Wilders was quoted;

I was happy to visit the state of Tennessee, where I know a lot of people – certainly a lot of Christians – feel the same threat as we do, and know when you talk about values, when you talk about who you are and who you are not, and that Christianity is for certain not the same as Islam. I compare Islam not with Christianity and Judaism. I compare Islam with fascism and communism.

However, Williamson County Democratic Party Chairman Peter Burr is less than thrilled with the Dutch firebrand’s visiting the Volunteer State. “It’s very inappropriate for an official political party here in Tennessee to bring in someone so notorious. This guy is sort of the epitome of the outside agitator. That’s not the way we do business here in Tennessee,” Burr told The Tennessean.

Decidedly not as planned, Burr’s planned counter-protest drew a mere ten to twelve people. Reportedly, Wilders appearance drew at least 4,500.

Also no stranger to death threats, reported by, Holland born and bred Abu Qaasim was found guilty in 2012 of threatening the kill Wilders. During an open-air speech at Amsterdam’s Dam Square, Qaasim was joined by his mentor, Britain’s noted hate-cleric Anjem Choudary, as Qaasim stated, “dealing with Wilders, this dog of the Romans, such as the Kingdom of Islam has dealt with this kind of people in the past. So learn from the case of Theo van Gogh.” Eventually found guilty, Qaasim was sentenced to a €750 ($840) fine, one-month suspended jail sentence and 150 hours of community service.

Citing film producer Theo van Gogh in his death threat, the movie maker was slain in November, 2004 by Mohammed Bouyeri, a 26-year-old Dutch citizen and son of a Muslim Moroccan immigrant. Bouyeri shot van Gogh eight times, then slit his throat and finally stabbing him in the chest.

Prior to his murder, the direct descendant of painter Vincent van Gogh had released the 10-minute film “Submission,” which dealt with the institutionalized violence against women in Islamic societies. It was for the release of the film that van Gogh had received death threats.