German cops hit German citizens with water cannons, pepper spray – AWOL when Muslims riot and rape

Pegida-Cologne5While most European leaders kowtow to political correctness regarding the tsunami of 1 million media dubbed “asylum seekers” from various Middle Eastern and North African Muslim nations, more than a few average and everyday citizens of the very same European nations have made it clear they’re fed-up with the lawlessness and refusal to assimilate that many of the “rapefugees” are bringing with them.

The same demonstrators who marched in favor of law and order found themselves on the receiving end of police water cannons and pepper spray.

German police open up with a water cannon against pro-German marchers.
German police open up with a water cannon against pro-Germany marchers.

While New Years Eve is popularly known as the Feast of St. Silvester or simply Silvester in the heavily Catholic city of Cologne, the Dec. 31 riot and rape-fest committed by an estimated 1,000 males of “Middle Eastern or North African origin” against at least 120 German women and girls took place in an open, well lit area in the heart of the city.

Curiously, very few policemen were present. As it was later reported by, “North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) Home Secretary Ralf Jäger turning down the request by the chief of police, Wolfgang Albers for an extra 100 men.”

“Where, where, where were you on Silvester?”
The patriotic organization PEGIDA (Patriotische Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des AbendlandesPatriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West) called for a peaceful demonstration in Cologne to protest against the “series of sexual assaults and robberies targeting women in the inner city of Cologne on New Year’s Eve.”

PEGIDA marchers in Dresden.

An estimated 1,700-3,000 German men, women and children answered the call to let the government know their concern and disgust over the lawlessness.

Meanwhile, an estimated 1,300 pro-migrant protesters were also massing to disrupt the march. As Carol Brown of The American Thinker noted, patriotic marches are regularly disrupted by “violent left-wing agitators”.

Prior to the march, PEGIDA organizers actually thanked the police for keeping leftist troublemakers at bay. As Brown cited, “They also expressed empathy for the position the police were put in on New Year’s eve when their request for back up was denied by the minister for the interior who made a politically-motivated decision. They further stated that they reject politicians who are scape-goating the police, saying what unfolded on New Year’s eve was not their fault.”

peppersprayWith 2,000 police were on hand with water cannons and extra-large pepper spray canisters at the ready, the hoses and chem-spray were loosed on the German men, women and children who were protesting against the Muslim rape mob.

Reportedly, the police opened up when a handful of marchers in the PEGIDA camp threw some firecrackers at them.

Germany’s notoriously liberal Deutsche Welle news service quoted an unnamed police spokesman who supposedly claimed, “half of those attending the PEGIDA rally were football hooligans and right-wing extremists.” However, The American Thinker’s Brown penned, “But it also appears that some, if not all, of those stirring up trouble may have been undercover police plants who try to entice people to engage in bad behavior.”


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  1. It sickens me to no end how Germany is wanting to silence its own citizens yet coddle Muslims. I sincerely feel for their plight and don’t care what stupid liberals want everyone to say in order to stay in their little politically correct bubble. The truth must be told and shared! And the thing about bubbles is that once they get over filled they burst which is EXACTLY what will end up happening in Germany as well as in other countries I predict!

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