German Muslim cleric: Cologne rape victims ‘own fault’ for wearing perfume, being ‘half-naked’

Islamic Imam Sami Abu-Yusuf of the Al Tawheed mosque in Cologne (Köln), Germany has made clear where the fault lay regarding the massive rape riot that rocked the western German city on New Year’s Eve – the victims. As reported by the Breitbart London news service on 19 Jan. 2016, and also by Detroit News Time on 20 Jan. 2016, the Salafist holy man may be giving the anti-immigration groups more verbal ammunition.

While hundreds more German women and girls muster up the courage to report to authorities the beatings, sexual assaults and flat-out rapings at the hands of a massive gang numbering a reported 1,000 men of “North African and Middle Eastern” origins, Imam Abu-Yusuf placed guilt on the Kölsche women for inciting the Muslim boys and men by way of wearing perfume and being “half naked” by his reckoning, despite bitter winter temperatures.

No translation needed.
No translation needed.

As cited, Abu-Yusuf was quoted, “the events of New Year’s Eve were the girls own fault, because they were half naked and wearing perfume. It is not surprising the men wanted to attack them. [Dressing like that] is like adding fuel to the fire”.

In the days after the New Year’s Eve attacks, the local police initially reported that 120 women had been sexually harassed, groped, assaulted or gang-raped. Since then, the number has officially skyrocketed to 521.

However, German prosecutors disagree with the city’s police. According to reporter Sara Malm of Detroit News Time, the number of complaints actually filed in connection with the New Years Eve attacks has now passed 800.

The rise of the Salafist brand of Islam has raised concern not just for the civil authorities in Germany, but continent-wide. While the growing number of Salafists in Europe has steadily risen, scant attention has been given to their ultra-fundamentalist version of Islam.

Londonistan calling.
Londonistan calling.

Only relatively recently have German authorities come to grips with the overtly violent jihadist sect. With Abu-Yusuf’s Al Tawheed mosque in Cologne’s heavily Muslim Kalk neighborhood having the reputation of attracting those set on spreading an Islamic caliphate  across Europe, the mosque was finally raided by German Counter-Terrorism Police in 2004.

At the time, the German cops raided the Islamist hot spot in order to break up a “secret network of Arab Mujahideen” being built by the worshippers there, and suspicion of terror attacks being planned at the mosque. Donning full riot gear, police raided the mosque while the “Muslim brothers” there were at prayers, seizing papers and processing the identities of those inside the building at the time.