German Muslims Angered at Insinuation that Muslims are Easily Angered

The right-of-center think tank The Brookings Institute and International Policy Council has made note on Feb. 6, 2014 that during a meeting between German government officials and influential leaders of the nation’s rather large Muslim minority, the scheduled topic of gender equality quickly went off the rails when the followers of Mohammed took offense to the possibility that there just may a connection between Islam and forced marriages.

With the conference titled: “Gender Equality as a Common Value,” Muslim attendees not only were unwilling to discuss the main topic of discussion for the conference, the Muslim attendees “refused even to acknowledge that there might be any connection between Islam and forced marriage.”

Not only have the mainly ethnic Turkish Muslim conference attendees taken offense to even the insinuation of a connection between Islam and forced marriage, they attempted to change the scheduled agenda instead to the topic of  “making Islam equal to Christianity” throughout the German Republic.

Our way of the highway …

The eighth annual German Islam Conference, held in May 2013, also ended in failure when the Central European nation’s former Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich wanted find ways the government could work together with moderate Muslims in Germany to combat Islamism and extremism.

The director of inter-religious dialogue at the Turkish-Islamic Union for Islamic Affairs [DITIB], Bekir Alboga, complained that former Minister Friedrich had rendered the German Islam Conference “pointless” by bringing “security policy themes too far to the fore.”

Not done yet, the Muslim leader continued by stating the conference “makes no more sense in its current form. I do not see any genuine partnership.”

In a speech he delivered at the conference, Alboga accused Germany of promoting “extremism and radicalization” by not doing enough to stop “Islamophobia.”

I’m from the government and I’m here to grovel…

Germany’s newly sworn in Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière has announced a series of “pro-Muslim initiatives” apparently designed to placate bruised Muslim feelings.

Widely disapproved of by conservatives on the grounds it will cause divided loyalties, liberals are formulating a plan where hundreds of thousands of Turks residing in Bundesrepublik Deutschland to automatically granted German citizenship to compliment their current Turkish citizenship.

Muslims embracing German culture and society.
Muslims embracing German culture and society.

As Maizière was quoted in the Istanbul-based newspaper Hürriyet  (German translation here), elaborating on the German government’s solution to its Turkish problem:

The new government has a big plan. We want new regulations for dual citizenship. It involves people who were born and raised in Germany and have two nationalities. This directly applies to more than half a million people. Of these, there are very many whose parents are from Turkey.

Muslim officials in Germany have been quick to respond to Maizière’s pro-Islamic outreach.

As cited, leaders of various Muslim groups “have issued a list of demands that include the official recognition of Muslim holidays in Germany, as well as the installation of Muslim clerics in German hospitals, nursing homes, prisons and military units.”

Despite the Berlin government reaching out to the 3.5 million strong Muslim community, there has been anger among many Muslims regarding the governmental attempt to work with pro-Islamic organizations to curb the growth of terrorist-friendly Islamic Jihadism.

With the stated aim of converting millions of non-Muslims Germans to Islam, there has since been launched an unprecedented nationwide campaign by Islamic radicals to distribute 25 million free copies of the Koran as part of their “A Koran in Every Home” plan to have the German people “better understand” Islam.


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  1. Women are equal you fucks. Germany needs to take a page out of auatralias book and tell them to go home. You came to a foreign country to live. Islam did not conquer germany or any other country, so why is there such a shift to accomodate these assholes who do nothing to integrate or get along with the community in a FOREIGN country? If womens rights werent such an atrocity within this community, then why run from what is obviously a concern to the rest of the world? This makes me so angry. I grew up in germany…its perfect the way it is. Leave it alone or leave. You have a home country for a reason, why did you leave if your only agenda is to force the rest of the world to bend to your demands? The good thing about the shift in thinking and waking up people are experiencing is that they outnumber their inept government and a new day is dawning. I applaud the push back that is coming.

  2. The Germans should detain and arrest by force if necessary all these “angry” Muslims, and throw them out of Germany! How dare they come to another country and start “demanding” anything, while in the same breath refusing to admit their atrocious treatment of women? These people are crazy and dangerous. They need to be controlled decisively, just as one would control a rabid dog. If they come into my home doing this I would invite them to leave immediately or be shot. If they then refused to leave or calm down, I would shoot them and drag them out of my home, and then call the police to come remove their worthless carcasses!

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