‘Glow’ and ‘Krokodile’ ensure cheap high, ugly death

Most photos of Krokodil victims are simply too gruesome for publication…

Krokodil, the biggest thing to come out of Russia since the AK-47 is proving to be just as deadly to those at the receiving end of the inaccurate but reliable field weapon. To further compound the problem, the rise of kitchens-turned-laboratories have seen a skyrocketing of new synthetic drugs in the Western World. The Business Insider news portal has reported on May 25, 2014 that both hard-core drug addicts as well as affluent club kids looking for a cheap high are turning to ingredients never meant to be placed into the human body.

Already quite the rage in Russia and the Ukraine, the garbage mixture of drugs and household ingredients that comprise the popular heroin substitute nicknamed “Krokodil” is making its presence known in the United States and Western Europe. Nonetheless, Krokodil shouldn’t feel lonely. Other slapped-together-in-the-kitchen party drugs with innocent sounding street names such as “Glow” and “Meow Meow” are also part of the drug lexicon right alongside the growing Krokodil and the all too well known methamphetamine concoction known as “Crystal Meth,” “Crank,” “Tina” or “Soulja Boy.”

As cited by Fox News last October, Dr. Abhin Singla, the Director of Addiction Services at Joliet (Illinois) Presence Saint Joseph Medical Center, Krokodil is a toxic brew of powdered codeine tablets mixed with a slew of other liquids and chemicals such as gasoline, paint thinner and butane in order to create an injectable drug. Various other sources have noted that red phosphorus, iodine, hydrochloric acid and paint thinner have been popular additives as well.

What exactly is Meow Meow, Glow and Krokodil?

Meow Meow (also known as M-CAT and Drone) is a mephedrone that originated in China as a plant food that can easily be swallowed, snorted, rectally inserted or injected into the human body. Known for a powerful high, Meow Meow has resulted in a slew of deaths. Most notably, an 18-year-old Swedish girl whose brain swelled to such a point, her face turned blue, and after a day and a half of suffering finally expired. Meow Meow is available in many nations by ordering it on-line.

With the innocuous sounding name of Glow, the latest party drug to come out of Great Britain is a curious mixture of speed, monosodium glutamate (MSG, the flavor enhancer) and an experimental social anxiety disorder medication for dogs. Like speed, Glow  will likely leave a trail of death and devastation in its wake. There remains the reasonable belief that the human ingestion of a psychiatric drug made for canines will not result in a happy ending.

Arguably the most grotesque of the newest homemade drugs to hit the West would be the Russian-born Krokodil. Made of codeine obtained via over-the-counter medicine and/or stolen perscription medicines, the active ingredient is then mixed with any combination of alcohol, gasoline, red phosphorus, iodine, hydrochloric acid or paint thinner. Seen as a cheap alternative to the much more expensive heroin, Krokodil users first see their skin turn green and scaly. The amphibian green tint to the affected area is caused by gangrene deep within the flesh that is in the process of working its way to the surface.

Dr. Singla gave the dire warning concerning knock-off drug:

It’s about three times more potent than heroin, but the ‘high’ lasts only for a few hours.

Explaining the counterfeit heroin destroys the blood vessels first then the surrounding flesh, Dr. Singla gave a less than sunny diagnosis for those the flesh-eating drug has in its grip:

The average life expectancy of someone using Krokodil is less than two years.