Goofy Joe Strikes Again: Challenges Trump to Push-Up Contest

There’s a phrase for people like Joe Biden. They’re called pathological liars. In other words, he just can’t help but to lie compulsively.

According to more than a few medical experts, pathological liars also have a tough time differentiating between factual truths and blatant lies, as well as those who exhibit extreme examples of false bravado.

Just a handful examples of some of the more bizarre things that have passed through Biden’s lips;

  • Crazy Joe has habitually describes himself as just your average blue collar guy, in spite of him being on the government payroll for almost half-a-century. Mr and Mrs Biden (she’s a government employee, too) just so happen to be multi-millionaires.
  • Within recent memory, Sleepy Joe once bragged he “wished we in high school” so that he would take President Trump “behind the gym”, ostensibly to engage in fisticuffs.

But the latest from this bonehead? He’s now challenging the President to a push-up competition (see video below).

Between Biden’s fertile imagination, false memories of the tough guy he never was, and his well-practiced faux-scowl, am I alone in questioning Biden’s emotional stability to be anything more important than Obama’s Deputy Doofus side-piece?

By the way… admit it. The only reason Obama chose this goof for Veep, is because Joe Biden is one of the very few people that could make Barack Obama look smart by comparison.

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