Gov. Jindal: Slam door to Islamic jihadists seeking entry into United States


With more than a few conservatives looking for a potential 2016 presidential candidate who will advocate a tough stance against international terrorism, specifically violent Islamic jihadists seeking a world-wide caliphate, those same right-leaning voters may have found their man. As reported by on March 18, 2015, and also by The Daily Caller news portal on March 17, 2015, Louisiana’s Republican Governor Piyush “Bobby” Jindal is leaving little doubt exactly where he stands on allowing, or in Jindal’s case – not allowing, avowed Muslim radicals the opportunity for American citizenship.

While some of the current crop of potential GOP presidential contenders are either unable or just simply unwilling to state in no uncertain terms how they would deal with the scourge of international terrorism, the Chief Executive of the Bayou State doesn’t hold back in specifically calling for members of the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) as well as those in positions of leadership for the Muslim Brotherhood be denied legal entry into the United States. Speaking before the American Action Forum in Washington, DC, Governor Jindal advocated barring individuals “who use America’s freedoms to undermine the freedoms of others.”

Breaking it down even further, the Baton Rouge born and bred statesman also stated, “So, in other words, we shouldn’t tolerate those who want to come and try to impose some variant or some version of sharia law.” Not quite done yet, the Governor elaborated with, “The Islamic State I believe is pretty unambiguous… they are terroristic thugs. It would be absolutely reasonable” to exclude former members of the Islamic State.” Jindal also made note that senior leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood movement should also be excluded.

With his comments causing an uproar among certain Muslims, the International Business Times cited on March 17, 2015, that at least one Muslim group is less than thrilled with Jindal’s thoughts and opinions. According to Haris Tarin, the director of the Washington office of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, “What he is doing is fear-mongering. This is another one of those issues where he is using fear to garner votes and the latest in a line of remarks he has made over the past few months to try to seem relevant for the 2016 elections.”

For his part, while appearing on the Fox News program “The Kelly File,” Jindal defended his comments by stating, “We’ve said you can’t come here in years past if you were here to promote communism. If you’re coming here to undermine America’s foreign policy. If you’re supporting a group that’s an enemy of the United States.”

According to the Department of Homeland Security’s Application for Naturalization form, prospective citizens are generically asked if they have ever been a member of any “totalitarian” or “terrorist” organizations. However, applicants are also asked specifically if they are or have ever been members of either the Communist Party or “The Nazi government of Germany.”