Growing chorus for Fox News to dump Shepard Smith

Open wide for Shep Smith. (Youtube)
Open wide for Shep Smith. (Youtube)

Despite touting their news coverage as “Fair and Balanced,” the viewership of the Fox News Channel (FNC) is increasingly calling for newsreader Shepard Smith to seek employment elsewhere.

With the penchant for angering regular viewers, Smith not only openly displays his contempt for President Trump, but seemingly also for anything even remotely conservative.

As reported by Bizpac Review;

In July, Smith drew the ire of Fox News fans when he scolded former Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal for saying “all lives matter.” Fans were so angry that they called for his firing in droves on social media.

After a presidential debate with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in October, Smith suggested that then candidate Trump was a fascist because he said he’d have his attorney general investigate Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Some of his other greatest hits include comparing Christians that supported County Clerk Kim Davis not issuing gay marriage licenses to supporters of Sharia law and his fervent defense of Secretary Clinton’s use of a private email server.

Smith didn’t pull any critics to his side with his newest rant.