Hamas may receive $400M from Obama Administration, urges kids to ‘shoot Jews’

Despite being deemed a terrorist organization by the US government, Hamas (translation: “Enthusiasm“) is slated to saddle up with the West Bank’s ruling Palestinian Authority (PA) in what’s being called a “unity agreement” which will ensure the secular PA will speak as one with the highly militant and Shari’a complaint Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, as reported by Fox News on May 5, 2014. The PA is also slated to receive its annual $400 million worth of US taxpayer largesse. However, unsettling to the vast majority of Israelis as well as more than a few Westerners, Hamas controlled television on the Gaza Strip has in the past and continues to air children’s programs that are quite blatant when it comes to motivating Arab-Muslim children shoot “all” the Jews, as reported Breitbart.com on May 6, 2014, as well and the pro-Israel news portal Palestinian Watch, both on May 5, 2014.

Unlike Hamas, the PA qualifies for the almost half billion Yankee dollars every year by agreeing to recognize the right of Israel to simply exist as well as also agreeing to abide and accept all previous Israeli-Palestinian agreements. Thusly, any power-sharing between the PA and Hamas could nullify the yearly infusion of American cash. Yet there may be wiggle room for Hamas to slide under the diplomat-speak radar and finagle a way to still access the Obama payout.

In a report to Congress,  Middle Eastern Affairs specialist Jim Zanotti made note that “It is unclear whether a consensus government of the type anticipated under various Fatah-Hamas agreements since 2011 would come under the legal definition of a ‘power-sharing PA government that includes Hamas as a member’ or a government over which Hamas exercises ‘undue influence.’ It is also unclear whether it would come under the legal definition of a ‘Hamas controlled’ PA government, and thus trigger the additional conditions on U.S. aid cited above.”

Imagine the Mickey Mouse Club with AK-47s and frags…

Ensuring the Gaza Strip is a safe haven for Islamic Jihad as well as the al-Qaeda terrorist organization, what also has many deeply disturbed is Gaza City’s recent airing of the kiddie program Tomorrow’s Pioneers, which features Nahul the Giant Bee and his human sidekick Ruwan urging young guests both in-studio and calling in, to take a swing at; throw rocks at; even goading the urchins to open fire on “all the Jews.”