Harvard Brain Cramp: Divide DC into 127 New States to Ensure Leftist Takeover of Congress

Another example of Leftist lunacy.

Have you ever longed to visit the great State of Civic Betterment? I mean all 17.6 square acres of it. You read it right… I said 17.6 square acres. That equates to a mere 0.0275 square miles.

Keep in mind, if you grow weary of Civic Betterment, you could always talk about 3 1/2 miles over to the State of Barry Farm. Even better, on your mini-trek you’ll pass through at least a dozen other states.

In what could possibly be the most absurd, most asnine notion to ever come out of the world of über-Leftist academia, certain “anonymous” individuals at Harvard University are honestly floating the hare-brained idea that Washington, DC be broken into 127 brand spanking new states.

Scene from the proposed State of Civic Betterment.

But if you think that “anonymous” equates to the unhinged ramblings of some wild-haired recluse living in a toolshed deep in the woods, guess again. This proposal was actually published by the formerly prestigious Harvard Law Review.

With that aside, here’s the down-and-dirty of this comic opera as reported by London’s The Daily Mail;

Researchers suggest Congress needs to pass legislation reducing the size of Washington, D.C. to just a few core federal buildings and declaring its 127 neighborhoods as states.

These new states would add enough votes for Congress to rewrite the Constitution in a way that ‘every vote counts equally’ by ratifying four amendments.

The plan entails equal representation in both the Senate and the House, replacing the Electoral College with a popular vote and modifying ‘the Constitution’s amendment process that would ensure future amendments are ratified by states representing most Americans.’

The authors of the proposal suggest dividing D.C. in to states because it is the only area in the US that can do it legally and every subdivision ‘voted overwhelmingly for the Democratic party in the 2016 election.

And, according to the anonymous writers, ‘the Democratic caucus in Congress could be confident that new states created within the District would elect like-minded delegations to Congress.’

The shape of things to come.