Heartless Ohio Democrats Takes Cheap Shots at Barron Trump, He ‘May Need’ Special Olympics

Ohio Democrats Ellen Connally and Jocelyn Conwell.

In a totally classless and patently douchebag move, a former Cuyahoga County Council president and Cleveland Municipal Court judge (scumbag Democrat, of course) just took a major league cheap shot at a 13-year-old boy.

She must be so proud of herself.

But back to the topic at hand. The 13-year-old boy in question is none other than First Son Barron Trump, whose birthday was literally just a handful of days ago. Specifically, March 20.

The worthless bag of skin who insinuated that the First Son is somehow mentally deficient is northern Ohio Democrat big-wig Ellen Connally.

As noted by the PJ Media news portal;

A former Ohio judge and Democratic politician took a cheap shot at President Trump’s son Barron on Facebook Wednesday, posting a meme that said the 13-year-old may need to participate in the Special Olympics some day. To add insult to injury, another Ohio Democrat weighed in on the thread to gossip about Barron’s “special needs.”

So why would Connally stoop so low that she now technically qualifies as a septic tank?

Simple. She’s angry that the Trump Administration’s Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has cut the amount of taxpayers dollars earmarked for Special Olympics.

As also cited by PJ Media;

Democrats have been in a lather over the Department of Education’s proposal to cut more than $8.5 billion from its budget, including nearly $18 million from the Special Olympics.

In defense of the budget plan, Sec. DeVos explained in a statement Wednesday that she loves the Special Olympics, but it’s is not a federal program.” She pointed out that the Special Olympics “is able to raise more than $100 million every year,” meaning it will be able to survive the cuts just fine.

On a personal note, I don’t believe that any charity should be subsidized by the taxpayers. After all, “forced volunteerism” is a contradiction of terms.

In the meantime, in spite of Connally’s post eventually being removed from social media, she has found at least one hard core supporter.

Another northern Ohio Democrat heavy hitter, Jocelyn Conwell, has taken it upon herself to also attack young Barron.

Obviously, Conwell herself may be in need of some special education. As she posted below, her second sentence, “He attend some school in Maryland” makes one wonder if she understands even the basics of the English language.

Ebonics… maybe. English? Questionable.

As seen in the video below, Barron Trump shown no outward signs of either autism nor developmental disabilities.

However, Melania Trump has made reference in the past to wanting to keep her son out of the spotlight, preferring instead that the microscope of popular culture and the paparazzi spare her son.