Hilarious: ‘Cherokee Warrior’ Breaks Down Swetnick’s Pathetic Interview

I have to be honest… I don’t know who Cherokee Warrior is. I also don’t know what his real name is or where he lives.

Pretty much the only thing I know of Cherokee Warrior is that he’s also a proud citizen of the Cherokee Nation, ergo his nom de internet.

One thing I’m absolutely sure of is that Cherokee Warrior is gatlisanonvhi gegage, unegv ale sagonige.

For those of you who no habla Cherokee, that translates to “totally red, white and blue.”

Case in point would be his recent foray into social media.

To be even more specific would be Cherokee Warrior’s hysterically funny Reader’s Digest version of Julie Swetnick’s interview.

This is what NBC considers breaking news.

One thought on “Hilarious: ‘Cherokee Warrior’ Breaks Down Swetnick’s Pathetic Interview

  1. Ms. Swetnick seems to be as creditable as the other Judge Kavanaugh accusers, which also means every bit as uncreditable and unverifiable as the other “MeToo” accusers, after 30 years.

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